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Jun 2011
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Aren't we? I'm sitting in my garage brewing dipa and drinking 5 different beers. My father wasnt able to buy anything different than lager/pale and there is me 20!years later with hundreds of bottles of homebrew and much more to chose from LS in walking distance. Beside that life expectancy is up, infant mortality down, standard of living is up [this is actually not true] we got more cancer but because we live longer. I feel this should be moved to drunken rumbling but aren't we lucky? As hell?

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Oct 2011
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I've always wondered.. How lucky is hell?

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Nov 2004
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Yes we are. Compared to the landscape that I grew up in which was populated by 99.9% bland American lagers there now exists a beer world where a multitude of micro/craft brews along with interesting imported beers are available at a local tavern or store. Then on top of that there is the universe of homebrew in which there are almost no limits thanks to the virtually unlimited list of ingredients to which we are able to choose from along with books, videos, and internet forums with all kinds of information, history and tips. It's a good time to be a beer lover.

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Yeah,true,but I miss the better "beer" flavor of brands from my youth that aren't around here in Ohio anymore. At least I have home brew...But hell dosen't strike me as a very lucky place.
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Jan 2013
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How 'bout: Aren't we blessed to be living in a renaissance of home brewing the likes of which the world has never seen?

Hell seems the opposite of lucky, unless your're brewing a habanero IPA. Or maybe a Helles lager.
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Feb 2011
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Extremely lucky !!! I was just talking to my brewing assistant yesterday about this...... He's younger than me in his early 20's , he has never known anything different. I told him of my younger day when buds, coors, miller was kinda standard there was no "craft" beer scene at least not on the east coast 20 years ago, and if it was it was still a local infancy of what we have today. So yes we are lucky beyond our understanding.
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Jan 2011
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It's a good time to be a beer lover in America!

Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck
Carbonic bite? Is that like the bubonic plague?
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Needless to say after more than a few drams my mental efficiency matched my mashing efficiency.

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Apr 2012
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For beer yes we are in a good time...the rest of life not so much.
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Sep 2012
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This thread gives me the warm fuzzies. The craft beer scene exploded (in TN) right when I started college. The timing could not have been better. I am glad that I will likely never know a world where my selection is limited to a bunch of very dry lagers.

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Apr 2008
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Kurt Vonnegut had an anecdote from growing up in Indianapolis. The family would get together from time to time, have a meal on a nice summer Sunday afternoon, just enjoying the well-being. Vonnegut had an uncle who, he recalls, would be sitting there (probably with a beer) on these afternoons, and was in the habit of remarking "This is pretty nice, isn't it?"

I'll give you that much: "This is pretty nice, isn't it?"
“Malt does more than Milton can / To justify God’s ways to man”

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