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I'd say you definitely overcarbed it. From your description, it sounds like you left it at 25 psi when you shook up the keg. If so, that was where you went wrong. For burst carbing, you should have lowered the regulator to serving pressure first (usually 10-12 psi, or thereabouts), then shake, roll, etc.

To correct, turn off the gas and vent repeatedly over several days until the carb level gets to where you want it, then put it back on the gas at serving/set-and-forget pressure and leave it there.

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Originally Posted by mkozlowski View Post
The lines though are the ones that came with the unit. I'll check the documentation later when i get home but if i had to guess id say they were 5 feet.
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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
My recommendation is to check out the sticky threads up at the top of the kegging forum. It's either overcarbed or your serving lines are way too short (probably both).

Originally Posted by mkozlowski View Post
After the foam went down though it was a little carbonated but it wasnt anything ferocious.
Overcarbed beer usually tastes fairly flat, since most of the carbonation gets lost in the form of foam.

And as mentioned, when burst carbing it's usually best to either turn the pressure up for a day or two, or to shake the keg at serving pressure. Shaking at a higher pressure puts a lot of gas into the beer very quickly, making it very hard to control just how much carbonation you're adding, and more often than not results in overcarbonated beer.
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Just wanted to send out an update. I found a video on correcting over carbed beer. Well several actually but the one that seemed to help was disconnecting both lines, purging the pressure from the keg with the pin, reconnecting the gas to the out this time add pressure until it stops bubbling, purge the gas and repeat until foam starts to come out of the pin a little bit. Then put the lines back to what they should be. After doing this the beer poured perfectly at 10-12psi.

The second glass though was back to being a little foamy. Not as bad as it was originally but still more foam than it should have. So I'm guessing I should repeat that process from earlier until it gets more consistent?

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I have 10' supply lines and have never had a problem... lengthen your lines.
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Only thing I would add to the good advice already given is to make sure that when you pour you open the faucet/tap all of the way. If you only open it part way (to try and control foaming, for example) it will foam.

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