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I've got two tickets for the daytime session (1PM - 5PM) of Beer for Beasts which is this Sunday; unfortunatley I have to work this weekend so I can't make it. The festival is completely sold out and daytime session tickets have been sold out for almost a month. I'd just like to get my money back so the tickets will be $70 ($65 + 5$ service fee) each. If you're not familiar with B4B you can check out or the details and the beer list are below:

The third annual Beer for Beasts charity event hosted by BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint Brewery will take place on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. The event celebrates creativity in the form of dozens of exclusive beers, New York City's best food vendors and creative entertainment, all in the name of compassion toward animals. All proceeds will directly benefit The Humane Society of New York City.

Tickets are SOLD OUT. NO DOOR SALES. Tickets were $65 per person and include access to one session (1pm-5pm or 6pm-10pm), plus beer and food tastings. Access to live entertainment is first come, first served. All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID.

Beer for Beasts has raised tens of thousands of dollars to directly aid the better treatment of animals.

Beer for Beasts will feature dozens of single-batch handcrafted beers brewed at Brooklyn's own Red Hook-based Sixpoint Brewery. Many of the offerings are collaborations with friends of the brewery. Sixpoint core offerings will also be available.

Exclusive B4B3 Offerings:

Balm of Fierabras
According to an ancient French lyric-song, Fierabras, a knight who stood over fifteen feet tall, conquered Rome and stole barrels of ointment that healed all wounds. In the famous Miguel de Cervantes novel, Don Quixote knew the recipe...Sixpoint Staffer Frank Kearl now tilts at windmills of his own, by adding salt and rosemary to create this bright, 5.2% brew.

Cadence Stout
Head Brewer Pete Dickson's own recipe that he's been improving for some time. Smooth, rich and complex, this foreign extra stout has notes of chocolate, oak, and roasty unmalted barley. A light touch of English hops gives this 6.5% ABV brew an earthy complexity.

Free Cascadia
A cascade hopped dark ale from friend of Sixpoint Jared Greenfield. Black from patent and chocolate malt, but piney with 66 IBUs, this brew is a taste Jared's homeland, the pacific northwest.

I Can Haz Orange Chocolate Milk Stout
Sixpoint teamed up with Moustache Brewing Co, an upstart microbrewery on Long Island, for this tasty dessert brew. Matt (bearer of the hefty handlebar namesake) and Lauri crafted I Can Haz with bright citrus hops, cocoa nibs, orange zest and lactose sugars— it's like chocolate-mandarin ice cream in a glass. 6.5% ABV.

Juicy Killer Crisp
After brewing up the Killer Crisp on the big system, the Bros took the first runnings and infused over a dozen citrus fruits on a smaller scale. Bursting with tang and zest, this juicy Imperial Pilsner is a fresh spin on the noble Crisp. 7.6% ABV.

Killer Crisp
A BeerAdvocate Bros original—a cutthroat Imperial Crisp that conceals a 7% ABV and amped up noble hops behind soft bready malts. Infinitely drinkable, this one will sneak up on you.

La Menudo
Sixpoint team member Adam Lang presents La Menudo, a Saison loaded up with coriander, lime zest and hot peppers. This traditional Mexican hangover cure will have you feeling fresh in the manana...At 7.0%, it's the next best thing to hair of "el perro." No beef stomach included.

Lengthweisse Berliner Weisse
Brewed up in a jam session with Sixpoint Volunteer Patrick Hayes, this riff on the classic Berliner Weisse is inspired by a certain band from Burlington. It's easy-drinking with a pronounced puckering note and at 4%, it echoes the style's low ABV. Don't be caught sleeping diagonal—try the Lengthweisse.

The legendary Leonidas in ale incarnation, backed by 300 (yes, 300) charging IBUs. Brewmaster Jan Matysiak presents the world's first Spartan Pale Ale, a brew spearheaded by immense bitterness from Warrior hops to create a formidable, 8.5% palate-busting brew.

Louisville Loveletter
An 8% ABV, sticky-sweet Scotch ale brightened by English hops and fresh mint. Part wee heavy part down South mint julep tribute, all Mad Scientists' innovation.

Malocchio's Bane
Malocchio, or the Italian "evil eye", was said to cause injury or bad luck to any unfortunate enough to incur it. The wielder of the eye had high arching brows and a stark stare leaping from dark eyes, and folklore said the only remedy was to bathe in beer and burn sage for protection. Sixpoint's own Brewer/Wise Sage Danny Bruckert has melded the two antidotes together into a sage infused IPA that's both delicious and auspicious. Note: sample size restrictions still apply, so no beer baths. 6.5% ABV.

Nigel's DreamCrusher
Sixpoint's Art Department went wild with this one. The grain bill features four different barley malts as well as oats, wheat, black and wild rice, and even some Greek orzo. They added whole leaf hops at every stage of the boil, Warrior and Cascade dry-hopped it, and ended up with a strong 8.2% brew with layer upon layer of complexity and 88 IBUs. You couldn't dream up a crazier concoction.

Old Ironsides
In a moment of poetic inspiration, Sixpoint Staffer Jake Williams saved the "meteor of the ocean air," Old Ironsides, from the "god of storms." Brewed with biscuit, black and chocolate malts as well as oak chips, this smooth drinking English Style brown will emphatically shake your palate's "mighty deep". 4.8% ABV.

Old Spice
A strong, spicy rye ale with big malt, hop and rye flavors, topped off with a hearty dash of Old Bay seasoning, at 5.6% ABV. Nothing fishy going on here though.

Patrick's Absence Stout
A Sixpoint sales team collaboration that had hoped to include the Alewife's Patrick Donagher. When the scheduling didn't work the sales team named it in his honor, since he was there in spirit. It's a sessionable dry Irish stout with a 4.8% ABV and chocolaty charred barley flavors. The plot thickened when the team realized that Sixpoint's Andy Howk had planned on brewing this one, leading to the creation of 'That'll Do'...

Peanut Butter Shop Ale
The guys at Carton Brewery detected notes of grape jelly in one of Sixpoint's house yeasts, inspiring them to create this PB and J brew. With some oil-free peanut mashed in, this bready wheat ale is smothered in peanut butter and topped with those notes of jam. 4.8 ABV. ** DO NOT DRINK IF YOU HAVE NUT ALLERGIES. **

Ray Deter Robust Porter
Brewed with Jimmy Carbone of Beer Sessions radio in honor of his friend Ray Deter, the late owner of d.b.a and an integral part of the NYC craft beer movement. It's a traditional English Porter that's robust, flavorful and low in ABV at 4.3%. Made with the premiere English aroma hop, the East Kent Golding, and London ale yeast, you know Ray would love it.

Saison du Stacey
Sixpoint alumnus Jake Hay lightly hopped his 5.0% Saison with Horizon, Simcoe, Tettnanger and Czech Saaz, then added Door County Wisconsin Cherries for a sweet and sour twist on the Belgian classic.

Smoaked Lager
Brewed by promotions manager Jeff Gorlechen and the youngest Sixpoint brewer's assistant on record, Alex Gorlechen (who, truth be told, did the lion's share of the work). This is a smoky, woody version of the pale gold session beer of the Bavarian gardens. Smoked malt and oak finishing deepen the character of this refreshing 5% ABV summertime brew.

That'll Do
A brew with Sixpoint's Andy Howk that began with designs of a stout. Due to a mix-up, Andy arrived on the brew day for a Belgian Dubbel. Undeterred, he brewed 'That'll Do' instead, a 7.6% ABV brew characterized by Belgian yeast and hearty biscuit malt.

The Ginger Assassin
A collaboration with Tyler Jones from Portsmouth Brewing, the Ginger Assassin is a 5.8% French Saison cloaked with mild, minty Perle hops and armed with spicy ginger and pink peppercorns.

The Not-So-Thin-Mint
From brewer's friend Scott Hunter, the Not-So-Thin-Mint is a rich 5.0% brew with all the elements of the Girl Scout cookie. This dark, lightly hopped ale is made with fresh mint, vanilla and real girl scouts (not really).

Tucking Friple
Brewer Danny Bruckert flexes a little muscle with this brew- a monster Belgian Tripel brewed with coriander that tips the scales at 9% ABV. The Tucking Fripel is lightly hopped with Czech Saaz and Hersbrucker to let the complex spicy-fruity yeast and loads of malt shine. Beneath a dense and creamy head is a bad-ass brew to be respected and sipped slow.

Willis' HSNY Rye
A Sixpoint and Humane Society of New York collaboration that combines the spicy rye flavors and rounded mouthfeel of Righteous Ale with the citrus slash of the Bengali Tiger. This Rye-PA was fiercely dry-hopped and has nearly three times the hops normally used for these beers. Deliciously complex, bright, earthy and strong, this unleashed brew will have you howling. 6.6% ABV.

Yellow Submarine
The Beatles meet Ravi Shankar. Brewer Heather McReynolds started with a malty English ESB built on Maris Otter Barley, and added yellow curry for a spicy twist. It's alluring, complex, balanced from East Kent Golding hops, and great with food. 5% ABV.

Sixpoint Core Offerings
A ray of bright Summer Wheat. The 5.2% ABV Apollo gleams with Bavarian Wheat Ale character, crystalizing brilliant summer flavors with a subtler 11 IBU hop profile.

Bengali Tiger
The Sixpoint homebrewed IPA formulation. At 6.4% ABV, the Bengali Tiger strides with a malty cadence, then leaps with 62 IBU's of pine and citrus hop flavor.

The original Sixpoint Ale–Our bedrock. The mahogany hues of roasted barley in this 6% ABV ale builds upon the balanced bitterness of 45 IBU's of hops.

Sixpoint's Winter Seasonal brew. Part black IPA, part American Stout, the 6.3% ABV Diesel's robust chocolate and roasted flavors shadow 69 IBU's of thick pine hop flavor.

The fresh bouquet of Spring's flavors embodied. Dry and spicy in true Belgian farmhouse tradition, this 6.5% ABV ale marks the shift from Winter to Spring with 45 IBU's and bright effervescence.

The sticky quintessence of hops. This formidable brew weighs in at 9.1% ABV, and balances 103 IBU's of concentrated hop flavor with an underlying malt sweetness.

Sweet Action
The marriage between bitter hops and sweet barley. Sweet Action's 34 IBU's of hop flavor finds a harmonious balance with Pale, Vienna, and Caramel Malts, with 5.2% ABV.

The Crisp
The original Sixpoint Lager–the raw essence of its ingredients. At 5.4% ABV, the bright Pilsner malts rush unabated into 42 IBU's of noble hop flavor.

Righteous Ale
Sixpoint's Signature Rye malt brew. Seasoned and dry-hopped with 57 IBU's of herbal, citrusy hops. Experience the depth of earthy Rye with this 6.3% ABV Sixpoint creation.

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Hi are the tickets still available. Thanks

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