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Short version: How best should I blend 4G of overly sweet carbed and kegged beer with 4G of dry and hoppy uncarbed and kegged beer?

I have a Dead Guy clone that I did, something went wrong with it and the yeast stopped at 1.024 (from 1.068 or so). So it's got enough ABV to stand on it's own but it's a good 7-8 points too high.

I could have pitched another yeast after that but I had a moment during my mash where I may have had a temperature reading issue and could have cooked up to a less fermentable wort from that. So I didn't bother re-pitching.

It's kegged and carbed now, and I suppose is drinkable but it's too sweet to give to anyone else.

So! Blend! I've whipped up a suuuper dry highly fermentable wort, which should have a similar ABV, a higher IBU and similar color, but being super dry and higher hopped I hope it'll blend nicely. But the how to blend is still vague.

I expect I'd free up one more keg, transfer half the sweet beer to that and then just add in the dry beer to both via siphon. But as the sweet one is carbed, should I just uncarb so I get no assplosions of foam, or will it be OK? I could also use two spare kegs and do a jumper under pressure.

Anyone have experience with this scenario?

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brew a similar grain bill and make it a bit more bitter than you would normally. blend by pouring from the keg. unless you want to try to make a 1 gallon batch.


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Can't speak to experience yet, but I have a somewhat similar project pending.

We had an IPA go seriously wrong, epically wrong, a couple of months back (see my threads if you want a good laugh at our expense!). We ended up with something that's super-sweet, malty, and too high ABV. And it was to be a 10gal, so we're stuck (after multiple rackings to clear the mess) with now 5gal of syrup, more or less.

For now, we threw some sugar at it to try to dry it out, and also dry-hopping to try to bitter it up closer to balanced and drinkable - targeting an Imperial IPA.

But I have a backup plan if we just can't make it work itself out.

As our efficiency is now doing very well, we're tending to bail on our sparging with still-decent wort coming out, maybe 8-10Br or so. So there's still good stuff hiding in the mash tun there.

So what I think I'm gonna do is... brew a "small" beer in the English tradition - as I understand - by doing a second running through my mash next time. Figure I do a 10gal IPA or the like... then while that's going on the boil, do a second run through for a 5gal volume of a weaker beer, maybe 4% or so. Hop the heck out of it, then plan for it to come together with our failed previous batch and make something drinkable.

Added bonus to this, I won't be throwing a whole batch worth of good money after a failed batch; only added costs will be a little more yeast and a bit more hops...


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i know that Jamil would dump a batch because he wants repeatability but as we speak I am drinking a blend of doppelbock and IPA..... it tastes just like many double IPAs!

i have these two beers on tap so why not blend them?

many people think of brewing a batch to fix something wrong with a beer but +1 for having a few beers on tap.
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I agree, just make a 5 gallon batch of something very dry but drinkable by itself, and then blend in the glass
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ugh....all that work to save a bad beer. Never dump a beer? Hardly. I would save enough to compare it to and rebrew. Dump the rest.

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Mar 2011
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As an update, I brewed a very dry beer of equal strength, color and IBU, but had a good amount of sugar in it so ultimately while it wound up the same ABV it's FG was like 1.002 compared to the 1.018 or whatever the sweet one was.

I blended these post carbed on the sweet, and pre-carbed on the dry, it worked fine and there were no "oh god foammmmmmm!" issues which I thought would occur. And the 10 gallons of beer is good! It's just what the first one needed, and tastes quite close to what I was originally intending the first batch to be.

I'm happy with it and still have 4 gallons of it left after drinking 6 or so

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