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Mar 2013
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I was wondering about different but efficient ways to dryhop without wasting too much beer in the process. I usually add pellets to a hop bag and throw it in the secondary but it does soak up a bit of beer along the way. Any other techniques that can be utilized?

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I just drop the pellets directly into the carboy. They float on top for a week or so, then I move it into the fridge for a couple of days, they (mostly) drop to the bottom, and I rack to the keg.

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I wait until fermentation is complete and the krausen has dropped and then just toss the pellets into the primary to sit for 5-7 days depending on the amount used.
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I use a hop bag and while I am racking into keg/bottling bucket I let it hang over the side to drain and then squeeze out the rest of the liquid (with sanitized hands of course).

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For the typical American IPA / IIPA:

2-3 weeks in primary for fermentation and conditioning at 63-65 F-ish. Increase temp. to 66-68 F after first week and a half. Let condition. When nearing the end of your 2-3 weeks, add 3-4 day loose pellet dryhop in primary.

After first dryhopping stage, rack to secondary atop a fresh set of bagged & weighted pellet dryhops. Wait another 3-4 days.

Cold Crash 1 day. Pitch gelatin solution when the beer is in the mid 30s.
Continue with the Cold Crash for another 2-3 days before bottling.

If kegging, add another short stage of bagged dryhops in the keg.
Weigh the bag down with sanitized marbles and secure bag to top of keg with fishing line.

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Depending on how much I dry hop, I usually use a hop sack and hop the last 7 days of primary. I normally don't use a secondary unless I have lots of hops and need to clear it or need the fermenter.
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