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Mar 2013
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Can you use oxyclean over pbw to clean all your equipment like buckets and carboys and tools? Is oxyclean a non rinse? I ask cause i just bought pbw and you must rinse everything out. Wish I know before I bought it that I would have to rinse out everything.

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Aug 2012
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Oxiclean also has to be rinsed

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I use oxyclean to clean my buckets and carboys. You should rinse it thoroughly, however. I am not sure if there are no-rinse cleaners out there.

I then us star san to sanitize everything. This is no-rinse.
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I mix SunClean (same as Oxy, but cheaper) with TSP (Tri-Sodium Phosphate) Substitute which you can find in Lowes paint dept. 2 parts Oxy to one part TSP makes a DIY version of PBW. I find that it works much better than just the Oxy-type cleaner.

Either way, you must rinse cleaners thoroughly, no matter what kind you use.

Use a no-rinse sanitizer like Star-San

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Oct 2012
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Oxyclean can react with aluminum pots,,,,,,it says so on the jar.

On a side note,what about dishwasher soap(Cascade)? does this stuff work?
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I'm with packersfan, I only use elbow grease and water most of the time. And then Star San.

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Jan 2011
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You have to rinse everything you clean with PBW or Oxy, or plain old dish soap. Cleaning isn't sanitizing, they are two different steps in your sanitation procedure.

I've used both, PBW definitely works better, but not five times better which is what it would need to do to justify its cost.

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I use both. PBW for heavy build up in fermenters as it releases the crud quicker without scrubbing. Oxy for general cleaning. Be sure to use Oxyfree and not Oxyclean, Oxyclean has scented ingredients that will permeate plastic and bleed into your beer no matter how well you rinse. Always finish with a Starsan rinse.

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I like PBW myself. It can clean anything just about. Instructions for different dilutions is on the jar depending on what you want to clean. It must be well rinsed. I like starsan sanitizer,as it's a quick wet contact sanitizer that doesn't need to be rinsed.
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ID carlson makes a cleaner/sterilzer that is a no rinse.

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