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Ok, so my last post didn't go over so well, and I think it was due to a lousy title, and a PDF of my circuits. So, here it is with a more descriptive title, and a png

So heres the lay of the land for me:
I run a almost 3 vessel system. I only have 2 tuns, 1 mash tun, and a BK. The 3rd vessel is just for wort collection prior to boil.

I have 2 2000 watt elements in my BK, and I'm looking to install a RIMS system for my mash tun.

I started looking at PJ's diagrams, and basically I want to hybridize http://www.pjmuth.org/beerstuff/imag...asic5-RIMS.jpg and http://www.pjmuth.org/beerstuff/imag...4-simple-1.jpg, with a 3-way switch where the power switch is on the RIMS diagram and controlling plug 2 on the a4-simple diagram.

You guys following so far? The only other hiccup is that while I'm using 120v now, I would like to move to 240 in about a year when I move out of my current place, so I'd like to use as many 240v parts as possible.

I have visio, but I couldn't find a good set of stencils to draw something even remotely close to P-J's style, so I did the best I could with what I had. If it doesn't make any sense at all then I apologize. From this, I think I have a good idea of what parts I need to start sourcing, but I wanted a sanity check that a) this plan would work, and b) that i'm not over complicated things and wasting money on stuff.

Thanks for any input! Feel free to tear me a new one

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Oct 2012
, Alexandria, VA
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Alright, well moving ahead with this, I assembled a parts list. Any thoughts?

Quantity	Vendor	Part #		Description					(ea)	Total
3	ebrewsupply	n/a		40a SSR						12	36
3	ebrewsupply	n/a		240v 2P 25a contactor				24	72
1	ebrewsupply	n/a		1/3 DIN Rail (1m)				6	6
3	ebrewsupply	n/a		110v Yellow 22mm LED				3	9
5	ebrewsupply	n/a		110v Green 22mm LED				3	15
1	ebrewsupply	n/a		Flashing Buzzer					5	5
3	ebrewsupply	n/a		"2-way, 1NO contact, switch"			3.5	10.5
2	ebrewsupply	n/a		Add on NO Contact				1.5	3
2	ebrewsupply	n/a		"3-Way, 2 NO contact, Switch"			4.5	9
1	ebrewsupply	n/a		NEMA Enclosure 300x300x150			55	55
2	ebrewsupply	n/a		XLR Female Plug					4	8
2	ebrewsupply	n/a		XLR Male Plug					3.75	7.5
1	electricbrewery	n/a		Black Anondized Heat Sink			72	72
2	auberins	pt100-C		Tri-Clamp Lighquid Tight RTD Sensor (Deluxe)	51	102
2	auberins	SYL-2352	1/16 DIN PID					45.5	91
6	mcmaster-carr	7641k35		(End-Stops) No color				1	6
13	mcmaster-carr	7641k33		"(End Cover) 9 black, 2 white, 2 green"		0.42	5.46
40	mcmaster-carr	7641K53		"Terminal Blocks (22 bl, 12 whi, 6 gr)"		2.19	87.6
5	mcmaster-carr	7641k55		Block with fuse holder				6.84	34.2
5	mcmaster-carr	7641k17		Jumpers						9.12	45.6
2	mcmaster-carr	8302K141	Cord Grip/Strain relief				12.53	25.06
3	Parts Express	092-282		Neutrik NAC3FCB powerCON Connector		5.88	17.64
3	Parts Express	092-286		Neutrik NAC3MPB powerCON Connector		2.99	8.97
3	Parts Express	092-296		Element Male Connector (NAC3MX)			7.99	23.97
3	Parts Express	092-294		Element Female Connector (NAC3FX)		7.99	23.97
2	Parts Express	110-418		Marinco L5-20 Locking Plug (Male)		13.61	27.22
2	Parts Express	110-416		Marinco L5-20 Locking Plug (Female)		21.26	42.52
				Grand Total:	849.21
The biggest thing I'm confused with/find overwhelming is the terminal blocks. I was thinking I'd run a bus for everything that had multiple connectors, but I'm reevaluating currently because that will add a lot more cabling between the front face and the internals. I'm going to try and draw up a better diagram now...

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To trim some of the $$$ Auber has a nice heat sink, or you can find them for about $5-$15 on ebay...

I am currently sourcing all my bits and bobs right now too.

I will just be running 1 PID, and going with the ebrew BiaB kit, but will ask them to sub push button switches for the 2 way switches.

Best of luck

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Oct 2012
, Alexandria, VA
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Ok, heres my best imitation of a P-J style diagram. I don't think I could have ever gotten anything even remotely resembling this if it hadn't been for all the stuff I found on here.

Specifically thanks P-J for your awesome diagrams, they were my inspiration

Hopefully this is pretty readable, its pretty chaotic but this seems like no easy build. The only thing I didn't show was Alarm wiring, because I'm not sure how I'll pull that off? I was thinking of doing RIMS-OFF-BK for an alarm toggle switch, and then wiring in each respective PID into their half, if thats not possible I'll just wire in 2 alarms each with on/off switches.

Thanks again for any input! I'll definitely check out ebay for a cheaper heat sink, thats one of my biggest ticket items right now!
File Type: pdf diagram.pdf (59.1 KB, 233 views)

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