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I fall in the "too old to give a crap, what anyone thinks of me" group.
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Originally Posted by CatHead View Post
I believe today was my first time being truly embarrased purchasing beer/wine/liquor. When I was young I drank everything from Falls City to Mad Dog 20/20 but it was OK then because I was young, poor, and getting drunk and puking was actually kind of a status builder. As I have aged I tend to buy at least mid priced alcoholic beverages because my head, kidneys, and stomach all appreciate the extra couple bucks. However recently I decided to branch out from brewing beer to wine/mead and needed a gallon jug and being a 100 miles from the nearest homebrew shop you can guess what I decided to do....yep, ol Carlo Rossi to the rescue. I bought the big four liter jug of Carlo Rossi Sangria today and I had a hard time looking at the girl checking me out. I was afraid I would either laugh uncontrollably or pulling a McLovin. BTW mixed with some Ginger Ale it isn't bad but I am trying to pace myself because I fear a drunk on this stuff will result in a lost Saturday because I will refuse to leave the bed.

So have you ever been embarrassed walking up to the counter with some really bad and/or cheap alcohohol.
im not embarrassed to admit this but on a hot day i love me some c and r sangria and @ 7.00 a gal how can u go wrong
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Originally Posted by LouBrew13 View Post
Try ordering a chocolate martini at a bar. Yeah they're delicious but behind closed doors.
I have did this in front of a group of friends... Everytime we go get dinner somewhere, I always get asked if I'm getting a chocolatini.

But they are damn good.
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Years ago, I was dating a girl who moved to St Louis. One weekend I was visiting and she took me on a tour at the AB brewery, then to the City Museum, and we finished the day at The Chocolate Bar. I'm not sure why I didn't marry that woman, but that's beside the point.

The Chocolate Bar was amazing. I had chocolate martini after chocolate martini and they were all different. Their menu was nothing but chocolate drinks and desserts. No shame in offering that stuff.

I'll proudly admit that sometimes I just need an umbrella in my drink.
"Make sure that the beer - four pints a week - goes to the troops under fire before any of the parties in the rear get a drop." -Winston Churchill to his Secretary of War, 1944

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Originally Posted by Xtant View Post
For someone reason, this thread immediately reminded me of a buddy that used to make odd purchases with his beer.

His favorite antic was having just enough cash for beer. He'd go to the grocery store and pick up beer, diapers and baby formula. Having only enough for the beer, he'd have the cashier void out the baby stuff.

This was probably ten years ago. He still has no children.
I just have to say that is one of the funniest things I have heard. I can just imagine the cashier telling everyone she knew about the man who put back formula so he could have money for beer. I just hope he looked back and forth dramatically before deciding.
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Only when buying beer before 10am.

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I bought a 6 pack this morning at 0730 after leaving the Fire Dept. The Red Sox were coming on at 1200 and I had to be ready! Everyone was looking at me, ya I was "that guy"!

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Originally Posted by CatHead View Post
I am trying to pace myself because I fear a drunk on this stuff will result in a lost Saturday because I will refuse to leave the bed.
Been there. I swear I was sweating wine.
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I've walked up to the counter with 2 boxes of Franzia and just played it cool. I think having little to no shame is why it doesn't bother me. Like i have no issues holding purses or buying tampons or anything like that. Go shamelessness!

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Franzia is our favorite white elephant gift exchange gift. You may feel silly buying it, but it always ends up getting snatched several times at the Christmas party.

Years ago, I was making a fraternity booze run and had someone ask me to pick up a bottle of Arbor Mist for his date. I had no idea where to look, and the clerk got a laugh when I had to ask for help.

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