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Apr 2007
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Today was a wonderful day, I had an easy morning of parking cars (and by parking i mean waving them in) and talking to a friend, for money of course. Followed by a stop at the lhbs. I picked up 9lbs pale malt, 1lb chocolate, 1lb roasted barley, 1lb flaked oats, 2oz Chinook and White Labs Irish Ale yeast. Recipe called for 9lb pale, .5lb roast, .5lb choc, .5-.75oz Chinook. Also during my stop, I needed a brew pot, ended up leaving with a 15gal Polar Ware (no fittings unfortunately). Very happy with it.

Got home and set everything up outside, went very smoothly. Started the strike water (13.75qt), went too high and cooled it. Added to mash tun at 168.6 added grain and mixed. I forgot to pre warm the cooler, and ended up at 145. Added ~1qt 168* water, brought up to 149*, added 1.5qt 168*, 149 again, gave up on warming the bed without a proper sparge arm. What does this mean?

Recirculated too many times (5 to be exact, I kept forgetting to look at its clarity ). Stuck sparge, jammed up really nice, I had to scrap the SS hose to get any flow. Very grainy into the pot. Added 5gal sparge water (good? bad? I dont know) mixed and let rest 10 min. Drained into the brew pot, to exactly what I thought i had marked as 6.5gal.

Started boil, waited maybe 5-10min for boiling, added ~.5oz Chinook. Wort wasnt quite boiling yet, started maybe 5 minutes later. Nice hot break, almost to the brim, didnt make it though. Boiled for 60min, at 45 added my IC to the pot, finished boil. I used a recirculating ice water bath for the IC, worked very well. 25min to 78*. I didnt whirlpool it while the chiller was in, maybe what caused the increased time. I also have my IC rigged in to top out from bottom, I believe this is the opposite of what most people do, why go in bottom out top?

I ended up with ~4gal in carboy (sorry for all the estimates this was sort of a jump in and see what I need to do brew, the carboy and pot werent marked). But I also ended up with an OG of 1.065, a little higher than my aim, 1.059. How do I find effeciency?

Thats about all I can think of rambling about,
Best time of my life!

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