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Originally Posted by Homercidal View Post
And Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money!
Ther was a rumor a while back that said they were going to skip the 2nd installment and make:

Spaceballs 3: The Search For Spaceballs 2.

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Totally redefined "fast zombies". I love how they move like a wave of killer ants.
Toons'n'Brew Million Dollar Noob

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Originally Posted by stratslinger View Post
Just my personal opinion, but if you read one story, and then see a movie of the same exact name, with that story's author's name attached to it, then you have some expectation that the movie you are about to see will be at least loosely attached to the story you read. World War Z the novel was a fantastic read.

Now, imagine you read How to Brew (I know, this is a stupid example, but stick with me for a second), and really dug it. And then a few years later you saw that How to Brew was being made into a blockbuster movie, with some involvement from Palmer. Then you went to see it, but instead of being about, well, how to brew, it was a romantic comedy in which the male star happened to drink a homebrew in a few different scenes, and maybe a fermenter shows up once or twice, but aside from that the movie has almost literally nothing to do with the book you read? You'd feel pretty let down, wouldn't you? You'd wonder why the heck they called this thing "How to Brew" when it bore little to no real relation to the actual source material.
This isn't aimed at you specifically because I have this argument with my GF all the time. I understand where you are coming from, I used to be a huge Stephen King fan and his books rarely translate well to any screen. But if it is the work of the author and he gives his blessing, then do you really have anything to be upset about? Or more specifically, you should be writing the author some hate mail about how he/she allowed them to murder the book. When it comes down to it, the literature is the work of the author and they can do with it what they like. For better or worse. And, unfortunately, they still need to get a paycheck, so if the book stopped selling, guess what, it's time to either write another best seller, or sell off what you've already done. The easy answer is to sell what already sells than to create another original work and hope it pays off without ruining your reputation.

I understand its the principle that counts, but principle doesn't pay very well.
Does that make me an ***hole?

No, that's not what makes you an ***hole.

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Originally Posted by TxBrew View Post
It makes me hate the Zombie Survival Guide a little less now.
The Zombie Survival Guide reads like a stereo manual. It was unbearable.

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Originally Posted by bknifefight View Post
The Zombie Survival Guide reads like a stereo manual. It was unbearable.
Agreed. There wasn't anything I liked about the book. I was reading it and wondering what all the fuss was about.

Well, I did like the stories in the back.

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