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Mill 73 45.91%
MLT 136 85.53%
Keggle 88 55.35%
Pump 36 22.64%
CFC 37 23.27%
IC 107 67.30%
Plate chiller 11 6.92%
Sculpture 26 16.35%
Sight Glass 25 15.72%
Lagerator 60 37.74%
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Default What do you have?

Just curious to see what everyone has brewery wise.

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Well, I only am set upo to brew extract right now, but I am about finished on the design for my sculpture so that I can go AG.

I have:
  • 7 5 gallon glass carboys
  • 2 6.5 gallon glass carboys
  • 3 6 gallon glass carboys
  • 6 1 gallon glass carboys
  • 6.5 gallon plastic bucket fermenter
  • bottling bucket
  • 3 15.5 gallon kegs, ready to be cut into keggles
  • free fridge from CL
  • approx 10 cases of bottles (grolsch, bombers, 12oz, etc.)
  • Turkey fryer (brew kettle) from Lowes
  • Misc spoons, hoses, cappers, siphons, etc, etc, etc.

I think that's everything.


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keggle is next on my list of items and a high powered propane cooker, and more glass carboys(after a few months of sitting dormant my buckets are scratched and cracked so they are useless now ). i have a ton of money im my kegorator/kreezer lol
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barley crusher mill
home made sculpture (pump) simi automated and temp controlled
IC works so good I havent got a CFC yet I was going to make one till copper shot up
6 fermenting buckets
6 carboys
20 kegs (most filled right now)
4 tap keggorator ( one of the old TRUE pepsi fridges twin sliding doors)
a temp controled fermenting fridge
a temp controlled cold conditioning frezer
commercial size pnumatic counter perssure 22oz bottler and capper
2 hand held counter pressure bottle fillers
a single jocky for small parties
and a 2 tap jocky box for bigger parties
my favorate little gadgit is the hand held Co2 injector man that thing is handy
1 extra banjo burner and decoction pot
loads of lab equipment for yeast storing and handeling
digital scale (B day present from SWMBO)
and 1 fine a$$ and patient wife to put up with all this $h!t
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For the love of beer!
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  • HLT Pail and Element
  • MLT Cooler
  • Kettle Keggle with pan scrubber hop stopper
  • Burner <20,000 BTU
  • Chiller IC home made
  • Fermenter Carboy x 3
  • Misc Several pails, carboy caps and usual stuff
6 Kegs 1 reg, 1bottle
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I'd like to say KISS, like orfy, but I'm too much of a gadget junkie. I clicked on everything above except plate chiller and sight glass.

In case you're curious, here's a fairly complete list of brew gadgets in about the order that I acquired them:
  • Haier kegerator (now converted to twin ball lock with a tower fan)
  • 2 20 lb CO2 tanks and regulators
  • 4 gallon stock pot
  • 2 5.5 gallon "Ale Pails"
  • Hydrometer and sample tube (still on my first one!)
  • Digital thermometer
  • Small stir paddle
  • Wing capper
  • 9 gallon stainless brew kettle
  • 6.5 gallon Better Bottle
  • Stir plate with several sizes of lab stir bars
  • Erlenmeyer flasks in 1L, 2L, and 3L sizes
  • Bottle tree (overflowing with bottles)
  • Bottle washer
  • Turkey Fryer
  • Corny kegs (about 9 of 'em)
  • CFC chiller
  • 60 qt Ice Cube mash tun w/false bottom
  • Sparge arm
  • March pump
  • Assorted hoses, fittings, and quick disconnects
  • Grain mill with 12" steel rollers (4-5 lbs of grain per min)
  • 20 gallon stainless brew kettle w/hops screen
  • 5 refillable 5 gallon water jugs (for getting good brew water at the store)
  • Giant NG burner
  • Small brew stand (not quite a sculpture...yet)
  • Copper coil that works for HERMS or immersion chilling
  • 21 gallon conical fermenter (3 more in the works...TBD for sales)
  • Brew closet (capable of lager temps when ambient is below 80)
  • Bench capper
  • Steam boiler and manifold
  • Drill operated paint stirrer (mash stirring)
  • Keggle (3 more in the works...TBD for sales)
  • Computer controller and software (still in progress, but working)
  • Peltier cooled 7.5 gallon Corny fermenter (still in progress...barely working)
  • Garden sprayer for sanitizing

Damn...now that I look at that list...I think I might have a problem...

...but it's a good problem to have...
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I've got an immersion chiller. I'm trying to keep up with the Jones's the best I can. My next purchase will rubbermaid coolers, a bigger pot, and some more better bottles. But I'm probably going to have to hold off until XMAS or tax season.
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I don't have any of that stuff. It won't even let me vote with nothing selected.
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Pabst Blue Robot
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Why I can't fit the car in the garage right now:
  • 40 gallon mash tun (converted marine cooler with copper manifold & ball valve)
  • 12.5 gallon mash tun (Cube cooler w/ copper siphon manifold)
  • 25 gallon boil kettle with octagonal copper manifold & ball valve
  • 15 gallon boil kettle with bazooka tube
  • 15 gallon Olympia keg HLT (with valve, site, & thermometer)
  • 7.5 gallon turkey frier HLT (with valve, site, & broken thermometer)
  • 150k BTU jet burner
  • 2x 55k BTU turkey fryer burners
  • 100 lb propane tank
  • 40 lb propane tank
  • 20 lb exchange tank
  • March pump w/ silicon hoses
  • 30' IC
  • 25' CFC
  • Thrumometer
  • Williams O2 setup
  • 1 15.5 gallon keg fermentor (converted Oly keg)
  • 3x 6.5 gallon glass carboys
  • 5x 5 gallon glass carboys
  • 3x 3 gallon glass carboys
  • Half a hundred 1 gal, half gal, and quart growlers
  • A bunch of bucket fermentors/bottlers/BinB mash systems, etc.
  • 1 Oly keg with top cut and female npt fitting welded, waiting for cleanup
  • 1 old aluminum keg, 13-15 gallons, not sure what to use for
  • 17 corny kegs, all ball lock
  • 2x 5lb CO2 tanks & regulators
  • 3 tap single door kegerator w/ 4 port manifold (sticky rear seal faucets)
  • Fermentation/lagering fridge w/ AC temp controller
  • Chest freezer (fits 6 kegs or 3 fermentors) w/ Johnson temp controller
  • 25 CU foot chest freezer (not yet on site)
Plus all of the little stuff. Next step will probably be a mill, I scored a main drive motor from a Xerox 4635 that should be up to the task.
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This ain't my first rodeo....
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Originally Posted by beerdad
I don't have any of that stuff. It won't even let me vote with nothing selected.
LOL, That's cool............ Stay with it, your SWMBO, will be using your head for a punching bag, maybe not

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