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Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
I have an epic tale of how I got my brewery's name. One Thursday after college rugby practice, we were having our usual team pre-game party at our house before everyone went out to the bars. Someone eventually challenged me to a chugging contest and since I kept winning I had to keep chugging until someone beat me. Needless to say, I blacked out later on while we were at the bar. I wake up at six in the morning on Friday and have to be at work for seven, on someone's couch in an apartment that I've never been in before. Not wanting to wake anyone up I went to the door but it was deadbolted without a key in it, so I left out of the back door only to realize that I'm in my own apartment complex. I walk into my apartment but I can't find my car keys or my phone, so I figured that I left them on the couch I slept on. I go back to find the apartment but I'm so hung over that I can't remember which one I came out of, so I started at the begining and checked every apartment that kept it's back door unlocked. I broke into about 15 different apartments before I found the one that I slept in. I check the couch but I can't find anything, so I finally decide to wake up the people there to see if they know what happened. When I walk upstairs to the bedrooms, not only are there not people there, there's not even beds or anything there. The whole apartment was empty except for the couch that I slept on and a stolen road sign that says Louisiana Tung Rd. I stole the sign but never found my keys or phone. Now that I have my own house and outside cooking shed turned brew house, I hang the stolen road sign on top of the door.

Thus, Louisiana Tung Brewery


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I've been considering using "Elven Ninja"... because that's what I see in Bell's logo.

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Tailgate Brewhouse and Tailgate Tavern we got it from brewin off the tailgate!!
Tailgate Brewery
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The university where I work has the motto "Veritas Vos Liberabit": The truth will set you free.

It wasn't much work to get to Beeritas Vos Liberabit: The beer will set you free.

I've commissioned a logo that will do the name justice.
Beeritas Vos Liberabit Brewing
Primaries: BEER Beer (4/8/12); Fisher-Price My First Mead (12/20/10)
Kegged: Hairy Patersbier (1/28/12); Dick Beer (2/15/12); Get Yer Goat Maibock (2/22/12)
Bottled: Ye Olde Tyme Holiday Ale (9/26/10); Dick Beer (2/15/12); Candy's Dad's Homebrew (2/27/12)
Apfelweins: Crapfelwein (4/4/12); Apfelweinlager 34/70 (2/26/12)
Kit Wines: Fisher-Price My First Amarone (4/1/12); Rosso Magnifico (4/17/12)
On Deck: Albertus Magnus DIPA
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To throw another name on top of the pile,

Our's is Accidentally Good Brewing.

Named this primarily because every brew something is messed up on -- we forget to make note of the time we throw in the hops, we throw in the wrong grain, we add too much of one ingredent or another... so something is always an accident... however, the brew always turns good!
Accidentally Good Brewing
Bloomington, IL
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Gnome & Koriggan.

My best-bro's nickname is "Gnome", mine is "Dwarf". My family's business was named "Koriggan". It's just a blend of all that.

(Sounds like weird nicknames for 2 guys whom are 6.2 feet tall, but it traces back to middle school when we were half that height )
On-going experiment: [Black Eisbock (35% ABV)- Fermenting]
On Tap: [Dusseldörf Altbier]
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Routten's Junk started out as a crude joke from some sailors on my submarine. It turned into Routten's Junk Racing because I was building a beater for rallycross racing. Then Routten's Junk Brewery just fit.
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I've got three I kick around in my head.

1. Bay State Brewing Company - Cuz I'm in Mass

2. Dub Cut Brewing Company - one of my nick names

3. Starbarely Brewing Company - Kind of like Starbury. I like the sound of it, but not the look of it. (just to be clear I'm not a huge Stephon Marbury fan, I just find the ridiculous way he finds himself into trouble amusing.)
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keg 6 -
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Broners and Brewbies Brewery....

Rolls off the tongue eh?

ANYWAY I'll break this down for you but please dont be offended anyone...

Broner can best be explained by this video (NSFW!!)
Brewbies is pretty much a word we made up that we even got added to the urban dictionary Urban Dictionary: brewbies

And this pic is only a rough idea for a label...still working on it

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Mine is “Kegs and Kickstands"

I was trying to take both of my favorite things I like to do in life homebrewing and motorcycling and put them together. I think it flows pretty well and I like it!

Kegs and Kickstands Brewery

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming--"Wow! What a Ride!""
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