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Aug 2006
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Legrante Fermentery.
My name is Grant. That should explain it.
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Cap'n Jewbeard
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Apr 2006
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Cap'n Jewbeard's Fyne Fermenteds

All of my brews have nautical/piratey names. If I ever open a brew pub, I'd continue the theme probably by calling it "The Drynking Vesselle"
Lion's Den Brewing

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May 2006
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"Red Eagle Brew Werks"

Named after the bar/club where I met my wife. "Red Eagle Saloon"
Her name is Tina and mine Tommy so everything is usually "TNT" for us. But I thought that wouldn't be good for a brew name as everyone would more or less be looking for a connection to "dynamite"
However I did name my first brew "TNT Wonder Ale"


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Jan 2006
Chicago, IL
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Originally Posted by D*Bo
After the brew name thread, I was wondering what others name their brewery after.

I had a roommate that named his hooch (distilled spirits) after the street we lived on...Long Cove Distiling, and another roommate, Long Cove Brewing.

I've named mine after the marsh/swamp (named after a lake) behind my house.

So what's yours?
umm....what's yours?

mine is still unnamed...

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Beer is good
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Feb 2006
La Plata, MD
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Jack-Assery brewing... The name comes from my Boss. We were part of a 40 man team that stood up a new Military Command that now has 1200 people.. He refered to some of the stupid crap as "Jack-assery" because the Generals and admirals were being Jack-Asses asking for stupid crap there was no way possible we could do with the manning and budget they gave us, but we did it anyway...
I think when I retire they are going to miss me, there are things I got done, when my Bosses ask "How'd you do that?" they accepted the reply; "You don't want to know, just accept it was done and be happy with it, you are safe from prosecution".....

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May 2006
North Attleboro, MA
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Lake Como Brewing

Quite decptive. The house was advertised as water front property too. More of a slightly flooded marsh/swamp. Not even a pond really. Maybe a glorified puddle.
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G. Cretin
Jul 2006
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I can't decide, right now it's between ASSHAT Brewing after my first all grain the lable would say something like "from the Asses that make ASSHAT...
or maybe Black Dog after my greyhounds.

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Old 08-09-2006, 12:37 AM   #18
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Mar 2005
Midwest City, OK
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I've been considering "Bathtub Crank Brewing," but I don't think most people would get it.

If I were to ever use a serious name, it might be "Arcilla Rojo," or "Red Clay" Brewing. Refers to the soil in western OK.
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Aug 2006
Fort Wayne, IN
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Drowning Wasp Brewpub... came to me as I was sipping some home brew with my pastor and a wasp took a dive in my beer... didnt affect the taste much!

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2nd Street Brewery
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May 2005
Castleton NY
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It's the street I live on. Not very origional but what can you do
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