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Feb 2013
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Brewed an Imperial IIPA with a Whitbread Ale Yeast. Just came home from work and it has all but blown the top of of the bucket. I can't find a thread with anyone having exactly my problem because everyone on this forum with a beer volcano going on in their closet is using an air-lock bubbler and everyone tells them to try switching to a blow of tube. In my case however, I am already using a blow off tube into an Erlynmyer flask, and the yeast has pushed sediment all the way into my water/vodka solution through the tube. I took the lid off and found the bucket lid to be COVERED in green muck. I washed the top, cleared the tube, changed the water in the blow-off, and put it all back together again. It literally only took 2 minutes for the yeast to clog the tubing. What am I supposed to do? I can't sit up all night and keep changing it out.

Hellllllllllllp! Thanks.

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I would leave it alone and let the blowoff do its thing. You are going to get yeast and sediment pushed through the tube into your flask that is normal and as long as its blowing into sanitizer or vodka you should be fine.

I would be more concerned about cracking and cleaning to the lid and risking contamination. Let the fermentation run its course it sound like your yeast is very active and happy and tearing through those sugars.

As long as the blowoff is not overflowing the flask don't worry just keep and eye on your fermentation temps bc it sounds like there is a lot of action. As soon as you notice things slowing down which is usually 24 hrs after blow off switch over the an airlock and let her finish.

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I agree with axacrusis, stuff may get blown into you blow off tube,make sure the end of your blow off tube is not pushed up into an edge of the flask,and maybe try and ix blow off tube Ian position so that the krausen muck can pour into the flask. on Monday this week I brewed and pitched my first SMASH brew,and within 24 hrs it was making a mess,I just put the blow off tube into a jar full of sanitizer and let it bubble and foam to hell and back lol. this evening it finally chilled out with e crazy fermentation. tomorrow I'll replace blow off with airlock.

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Babysitting is kind of your only option at the moment. I know that's not what you want to hear. I've been there. It should start calming down within the next 4-6 hours. I always try and time the pitching of my yeast so that if this even occurs it happens during a reasonable time frame where I can give the fermenter some attention. If you simply can't stay up, then change out the blow off tube right before you go to bed and hope for the best. If the blow off tube clogs though, your bucket lid will become a rocket propelled ejector seat. Good luck.
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I've had the same problem with wlp001, and at first thought it was no big problem - until some brews failed to reach the desired FG. I'm pretty sure that the over spill contains much of the yeast that is needed to attenuate fully, so if its on the floor FG wont be reached.
I've only tried once so far, BUT the solution seems to be Antifoam, which I spray on the wort in the FV before I pitch the yeast resulting in a much smaller foam developing and it has all stayed in the FV. I expect the FG to be much lower in this ferment - so far its going well. Worth a try?

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What temp are you fermenting at?

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The actual solution is controlling the temperature. When you have aggressive ferments like this, chances are the temp is way too high.

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If you are worried about overflowing the Erlenmeyer, you could also use a 5 gallon bucket as the blow off bucket. That's what I do and it's never been a problem even with an over active fermentation.

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