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Oct 2012
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I am on batch 4 of this tank and by feel have one small beer left. and I all grain brew. before this last kolsch I did three high gravity beers.

so in all 5 batch per 20 lb tank.
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Jun 2009
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I have two tanks, one for my fryer and one for my grill. I get paranoid and fill both before brewday. Most of my paranoia is that it's a 15-20 minute drive to get them refilled. I don't want to add that time to a brewday if I run short.

I have gotten two beers on one tank, but it seemed like three would have been pushing it.
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I can usually get 3 90 minute boil batches out of a tank. 4-5 60 minute batches.

I usually keep two tanks just in case. Works great except when the gasket on one has dry rotted and won't seal. I need to call the propane company and see what to do about that...hope I don't have to eat it.
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Sep 2012
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I can get 3 most times. One thing you have to watch is homeless depot does not give you full tanks, they only have 15 lbs of gas.

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Mar 2012
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To many variables like others have said here. For instance I mash inside the house and use the stove top to heat up my water. The only propane I use is during the boil and I get many, many batches out of a tank.

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Nov 2012
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I've started weighing them to keep track of what I burn on a typical brew day. I just use a regular bathroom scale. If you look on the top of the tank/handle thing, it gives you the weight of the tank empty. My blue rhino is 16.6lbs. I just keep track and when I get within a couple lbs of that, I go fill 'er up. It's working so far.

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Oct 2009
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Originally Posted by Cbaddad View Post
You should have two tanks. That way you can run it dry and then switch. Only way to be sure.

To answer the OP, I get 5-6 batches out of a tank. But I ALWAYS have a full spare waiting in the wings.

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Jan 2012
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Originally Posted by Frige View Post
I can get 3 most times. One thing you have to watch is homeless depot does not give you full tanks, they only have 15 lbs of gas.
Are you sure about this? Are they selling 20lbs but filling 15lbs?
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Feb 2012
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I've made a change that increases the number of batches to nearly double of what it was before. 5 years ago I switched from an electric/Oil home to Natural Gas. One item I put in was a tankless Natural gas water heater. Last fall I installed a monitor unit for it that allows me to pull unlimited hot water up to 177F. Now I do my entire Mash and Sparge right from the tankless water heater and don't use Propane until it's time to boil. Cutting probably in half of what I used before. A caveat to this change, the heater is a 199,000 BTU unit and most tank water heaters are 40,000 to 50,000. So I larger Natural gas supply line are needed to be able to get the right amount of gas to the heater. I planned for this when I made the switch and have a 1.25 inch line from the meter to a manifold where I have (4) 3/4" lines that run to my heater (only needs .5") a .75" line to my tankless water heater and a .3/4" line that feed my dryer and stove. Most tank water heaters only have a 1/2" gas line to them and that can't supply the amount of gas a tankless will need. My gas bill with the tankless water heater in the summer is only 15/month of which 9.00 is the price to send the bill with zero gas being used, my parents have a tank water heater with all gas as well and their bill is 30.00. I'n in Southern NJ and my entire natural gas bill for the year is 700 to 800 for the year. My last oil heat season was 1200.00 about 6 years ago, and my electric tank water heater was probably around 70/month back then too. I can also go from milling to Mash in just a few mins so I have also decreased the hours of the brew day by a an hour of two.
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Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by geckholm View Post
Are you sure about this? Are they selling 20lbs but filling 15lbs?
Blue Rhino tanks are only filled to 15lbs. They are a total rip off since they are much more expensive than a 20lb fill at your local place. (A 20lb fill should run you 12-13$)

Also, if you pour warm water down the side of your tank -- feel to see where the water goes from warm/cold. This is how much propane you have left in your tank.

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