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Sep 2012
Congers, NY
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Hey guys,

What is the best way to store bottles once they are cleaned? Currently I have been cleaning my bottles as soon as I have used them and then store upright in their box. Anyone have any suggestions for a better solution? I have seen that new storage system that has the bottles upside down in racks of 24 but I store mine in my garage and do not think that having them out in the open like that would be the best idea.

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Mar 2012
idaho falls, idaho
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Store them full of beer and capped...Hehe you know I had to say that.

I just put mine after they are rinsed and dried into a box and then fold the lid closed. I figure when I sanitize them if any dust does get in the sanitizer will flush it out

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Dec 2012
Riverside, CA
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Personally, I think upside down is key for empties. Either in the cartons or in wooden crates like I built last week.

Storing upside down keeps them clean and dry inside, so they are ready for that spray of star san at bottling. I line the bottom of my storage crates (and 24-packs) with tinfoil covered with paper towel to catch drips.

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Dec 2012
Quebec city, Quebec
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I clean them with pink powder, let to drain up side down for a couple o hours, then I put a small piece of aluminum foil on top and sanitize in the oven for 12 hrs at 250oF. Then I stored them until ready for bottling.

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Feb 2011
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I store both cleaned & dried or full bottles in Leinenkugel's boxes. They have separators & tabbed covers to keep light out.
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Jan 2010
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I generally keep mine upside down in six pack holders. I used to use standard 24 pack boxes to contain the six packs, but ended up building the crates found in the link that rayfound posted. They're very handy & sturdy...I have finished versions for filled beer and unfinished crates for empties. It's most important to keep the inside of the bottle relatively clean/dust free, but I usually rinse the outside just before bottling/santizing to prevent any crud from getting all up in my sanitizer.

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Mar 2008
Catonsville, Maryland
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After they're dry, I store them upside down in 6 pack cartons in boxes. On bottling day they just need to be sanitized, and I'm ready to bottle.

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Old 03-19-2013, 12:28 AM   #8
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Sep 2012
, Florida
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I mainly use bombers, I turn them upside down in a 12-pack wine box. I've duct-taped the sides and bottom for rigidity
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Aug 2010
Petaluma, CA
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I've always soaked mine in Oxyclean for 24 hours or longer then put them on a bottle tree to dry and store. The day I bottle I sanatize them with Starsan and I'm good to go.
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Sep 2012
Seattle, Washington
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I've gone to sterilizing all my bottles in the oven. I clean the bottles, rinse them well and let them dry a bit before capping them with a small square of foil crimped on. At that point I load them up in our second oven we have in the basement and sterilize the batch of bottles over a day then let them cool overnight.

Since it's a spare oven I've left bottles in the oven for a few weeks on their sides and capped with foil until I need them. Though if I need to do more bottles I just pull the cleaned ones and set them upright carefully out of the way where they will remain sterile until I need them for bottling with the foil still securely crimped on the top. It makes it easy to clean and then store like this for weeks on end without any worry of contamination. I don't need to store them upside down or on a drying rack, I can simply store them in 6 pack containers and set them on my shelving in my storage room.

For me this is so much easier than trying to sanitize the bottles and dry them before bottling. This way allows me to guarantee the bottles are perfectly clean for bottling and allows me to build up a supply of sterilized bottles that are capped with foil. I just never have time to clean and use sanitizer solution then bottle on the same day and I really see no guaranteed way for me to store the bottles anywhere with the tops open and able to be contaminated.

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