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Originally Posted by Varmintman View Post
Yup I guess I phrased it wrong because we do agree. I think the shops that do not price compete are going to lose enough business that another shop can come in and get all of their business.

My big worry is that a store like costco or something will come in and undercut the LHBS. I worry about that because I am opening a LHBS and I know I cannot compete with something like that.
sorry, in looking for something else in this thread I just realized that this should have been addressed to bobbym

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Originally Posted by CidahMastah View Post
exactly. Looks like back to the drawing board for us. I am certainly not convinced until I see numbers.

Nice idea, but I would suggest to NCM to set up things before turning off the juice (this feels like a stall tactic). They still aren't making me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Like Jeff said, many LHBS' don't utilize NCM....
problem for me is there is no LHBS that is even remotely convinent for me.
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ON the wholesale side of things NCM is a bit pricy, when Michigan Brewing Co was in business they were selling sacks of Briess 2Row for around 25.00. I have even bought Cargill 20L 6-row for 20.00 for a sack at a local Brewery. It can be a WIN/WIN situation for a Small Brewery to offer bags of grain which could help to move them up to a better discount level.
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I've been following these threads since this thing blew-up. I'm not trying to defend the LHBS because, I too, think they are way over-pricing grain. But I did want to bring up the fact that Briess is not without blame. Anybody who has been buying in bulk from NCM for any length of time will recall that up until this year, Briess malt was not available....period. NCM would not sell Briess products to homebrewer accounts period. Now they are basically priced so high that no one will buy Briess even though it is available. It's no coincidence that Briess is probably by far the most popular grain stocked in LHBS. But anyway, it is what it is. The price of grain just went up. Homebrewers will have to deal with it.

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Originally Posted by cracker View Post
As far as I know Keystone does online sells. At least their homepage would lead you to think so.
Ahh i haven't been on it in a few months. I guess it would seem they have added sales. Makes sense.

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My LHBS is not really easy to get too either

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I work at a import company and we are getting in product from Germany. I inquired about getting grain and just got the pricing. It would be around $45 for a 55lb sack (might be a little lower) of Pils and $50 for Munich or Vienna with a minimum of 30 sacks per variety. Its not really better than CMG but its a possible alternative. If anybody is interested i could put together a group buy.

Edit: This would be pickup in North Jersey
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IN MD, has anyone talked to the folks at Baying Hound Aleworks to see if they'd be down with helping us MD brewers to get bulk shipments in?
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Originally Posted by jbay76 View Post
IN MD, has anyone talked to the folks at Baying Hound Aleworks to see if they'd be down with helping us MD brewers to get bulk shipments in?
We are back in business in MD, halfway through round 2 since the "grain embargo". Wondering if any other group buys are still going on? I combed through posts and looks like only one or two of the group buys is still alive...that sucks!

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Originally Posted by Bobby_M View Post
Possible solution? Talk to your LHBS and tell them your club is willing to add one full pallet of grain to their next pallet order and you're willing to pay $5 a sack over cost. That's $200 profit for them for holding stock for 10 minutes. If they decline, tell them you're going to the next store and advising your club to boycott on all ingredients. If you truly have the upper hand with numbers, they will listen.
The LHBS will have to charge tax and whatnot, at a minimum, but I think this is a fair solution. Locally here, I know a LHBS that offered to do it "for nothing" just to get people to come into the store for pick-up! Those people may also want a few pounds of specialty malts, yeast, hops, bungs, etc that will help drive loyalty and business to them in the future.

unfortunately, I don't think they have the warehouse/dock space to accommodate 10,000+# orders on a bimonthly basis, but the sentiment is reasonable and fair, IMO.
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