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Nov 2011
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I have recently started to experiment with whirlpooling my wort post boil. I don't use a pump so I am doing the whirlpool manually by swirling the wort with a spoon. First off is this an effective manner to do a whirlpool? Secondly, am I promoting hot side aeration by this method? Thirdly, is this a realistic concern given what I've been reading regarding the effects (or lack thereof) of HSA on homebrew?

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May 2011
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When I make my 5 gallon batches in my 10g pot I use a spoon to somewhat whirlpool like you say. Stir it, and let it settle for 15 to 20 minutes. When I transfer I see a little trub in the middle of the pot, but not alot. As far as the hot side aeration, don't worry about it. Never had an issue on my 10g system..
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I would say

1) swirling with a spoon is your best option without a pump/tangential inlet
2) if HSA is thing, then sure you're promoting HSA
3) nah man, don't worry about. HSA seems to have been mostly "disproved" on the homebrew scale in the last few years. scared the hell out of me when I first started brewing....and now it turns out that it probably isn't even a thing, as far homebrewing goes.

in any case, I whirlpool with a spoon and make great beer. Gotta whirlpool or I'd clog my plate chiller plus it just leaves so much hop gunk behind. I'm sold on it.

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Nov 2011
, Pennsylvania
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Appreciate the info. Cheers!

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Jan 2013
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Why not whirlpool after you've chilled?

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Jul 2012
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Originally Posted by cuda6pak View Post
Why not whirlpool after you've chilled?
Exactly. You need to whirlpool after the chill
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I whirlpool for 10-20 minutes with a pump starting 3 minutes before flameout. Then I let it sit for another 5-10 minutes. The spin is quite vigorous, and I never notice any normal HSA-associated traits.

In fact, whilrpool additions beers have spectacular aroma, even when dryhops fade. I would credit leaving hops steeping in a hot whirlpool after flameout. Also, its leave a huge trub cone behind, but I don't think that has anything to do with the hops long-term aroma.

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