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I have been brewing for a year now, and I have realized I am an addict.

I go to my basement to look at my fermenters bubbling, I polish my Blichmann to like-new condition, I read brewing catalogs and magazines like they are the latest issue of Playboy.

I have a list of beers I want to brew that'd take me years to do, I want to spend thousands of dollars on delicious new equipment when my crappy aluminum pots make do. I travel around the country trying great Craft Beer, sometimes to the detriment of my profession the following morning.

I love reading threads on HBT, helping those less experienced while learning from the HBT jedis. I check Homebrewfinds several times a day for deals. I have a dozen brewing books with dozens more I want to read.

What do I do? Do you share this addiction? What to you do?

My biggest problem is that I don't think any of this is truly a problem. My wife tolerates it, my friends love the free beer, and I am respectful of my budget, this is a fairly cheap mid-life crisis.

I literally dream of brewing wonderful beer.

Anyone who can offer advice / help, it would be tremendously appreciated.
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Rehab is for quitters....taste the rainbow man.
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1) Brew unto others as you would have them brew unto you.
2) Enable others to brew,but only if they wish to.
3) Serve no brew before it's time.
4) Whatever thou doest for the least of thy brews thou doest for all.
5) Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's brew.
6) Thou shalt not love any brew more than thyself.
7) Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors brew,nor any recipe that is thy neighbors.
8) Thou shalt not adulter thy beer or thy neighbor's beer.
9) Thou wilt love thy beer as thyself.
10) Thou shalt not lust after thy neighbor's recipes.
11) Thou shalt not speak evil of thy neighbor's brew.
12) Be thee not hammered with beer.
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I have one. Take 12 steps, then take 12 more steps, continue until you've walked about a mile then turn around. 12 steps, 12 more steps...

I have always found that a nice long walk will cure most of what ails me. Think, get everything in perspective.

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I like my steps in ounces. 12 of them.

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Feb 2011
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My beer fridge is EXACTLY 12 steps from my computer..... Burrp. That's my program!

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a suggested 12 step program:

- put down the beer.
- walk 6 steps.
- turn 180 degrees.
- walk 6 steps.
- do as thou will.
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