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Feb 2013
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I just posted this in the Home Depot bucket thread, but I thought more people should see it since so many use plastic buckets.

The peer-reviewed, National Institute of Health journal 'Environmental Health Perspectives' tested over 200 products with different types and combinations of new-generation 'food safe' plastics...

95% released endocrine disrupters.

EDs are risky even in small amounts because they mimic hormones and their effect is thus far reaching. They are linked to many health disorders.

But if you let an actively fermenting alcoholic beverage sit in ANY plastic bucket for a week, it is quite likely you will be drinking estrogen-mimicking plastics.

We always have to make safety decisions with a limited budget, but glass is a worthwhile investment for me.

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Link to the study?
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Food Safe is different than Food Grade right?

Oh, wait, I have the internet and can check myself....

and this is one link I found:


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Here's one article I've found searching google:


For example, 9 of 13 HDPE plastic products extracted by our standard EtOH protocol (69%) had detectable EA (Table 1), with a %RME2 (mean SD) of 66% 25% (see Supplemental Material, Table 5A).
I believe this says that 69% of HDPE products tested with Ethanol extracted EA in detectable amounts (given certain Root Mean Squared Errors). How the amount extracted affects the human body over time I'm not sure.



Our most recent data show that there is very little extra expense to produce safer plastics that do not leach chemicals having EA; that is, it costs very little at this time to avoid a potential health risk.
If someone could interpret the results of those studies and put it in plain English that'd be great! TIA!

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yeah, a link would be nice.
Did this study only concern "food safe" plastics or did it also include "food grade" plastics?
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I'm not too worried. Look in your cupboards and refrigerator. How much plastic do you see?

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My endocrine doesn't feel disrupted?

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Originally Posted by TheLastDamnBatch View Post
I'd like more on this. Reading through the first link they mention 'common use stress' which are uv (sunlight) microwaving and heating. I don't do any of those things with my buckets. I think my microwave is about the size of a bucket.

I'm not able to tell food safe v food grade of the test samples. (food safe is ok for short term use iirc)

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Originally Posted by kh54s10 View Post
I'm not too worried. Look in your cupboards and refrigerator. How much plastic do you see?
Wait . . . I'd think that should make you worry more.

Or are you going with, two negitives make a positive?

not taking sides in this debate, just sayin'

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I only use my homer cheapo orange bucket for draining PBW solution out of my fermenters. Or for delabeling large numbers of bottles.
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