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Mar 2013
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I started my first beer 2 weeks ago. I placed in the basement at a temp of 63. It is still bubbling every minute. If I take a specific gravity and it has reached the final gravity listed on the recipe can I go ahead and bottle? I have been told all the solids will spoil the beer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Bubbling just means CO2 is escaping. At 2 weeks you're almost certainly done fermenting. Take a hydrometer reading, though it may differ from your recipe. That's fine, you just want stable gravity.

If it tastes good and the gravity is stable, bottle it up! It's an IPA, so are you dry hopping? If so, add your hops and give it another few days, then bottle.

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If it is still bubbling then let it be. Hard to say whether it was the 63 or your beer internal to the carboy/bucket warmed up too much during fermentation. The beer should be checked for temperature in the bottle/bucket. A good way to control the process is to insulate a thermometer from the outside air and place a thermo probe on the carboy/bucket.

A final gravity of 1.010 would suggest it is done fermenting but if it still bubbling, let it be.

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The air lock is not a good measurement of when a beer is ready or not. If the beer has reached its final gravity assuming that you had a good orignal gravity from the begining then its good to bottle.

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Bubbles are not a a defining sign of continued Fermentation. If the gravity remains the same over a 3 day period it's done. CO2 is in solution so changing temps and atmospheric conditions are just a couple of reason that can drive off CO2 which is in solution of the beer.
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Gravity, what is yours? If stable it is, at final gravity your beer should be.
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Originally Posted by davekippen View Post
Open log Fermenting and gas-can secondary?? I am planning my next brew right now!!

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I think you are getting some bad advice. Measuring the gravity and having it be at the FG in the recipe is NOT a way to tell if the beer is done. You need to take a FG reading and then another reading 3 days later and compare. THEN you can call it stable and bottle.

BTW - whoever told you that leaving beer sitting on the "solids" was a bad thing was also giving bad advice. You can safely leave a homebrew on the yeast for many months as long as you don't keep opening it and letting in O2.

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Just echoing the others. Go by the hydrometer reading to determine where you are in the fermentation process. And taste the hydrometer sample. If you like the results, go ahead and rack. If the flavor could be smoother, leave it on the yeast for another week or two. I leave all my beers in primary for at least a month, even if fermentation is done.
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Mar 2013
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Opened the bucket took a reading it was 1.022. Is is batch screwed up? It looked good and smelled good. Thanks for your help.

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Originally Posted by cosfamiy1 View Post
Opened the bucket took a reading it was 1.022. Is is batch screwed up? It looked good and smelled good. Thanks for your help.
No it's not screwed up! but it's also not finished. do you have a warmer place you could bring it to, to encourage it to finish up?
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