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Sep 2012
Chester, UK
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Hi Everyone,

I have been lurking for a while and now after I tried my first Mr Beer brew (present from 'er indoors)

I followed the instructions, I sanitised etc. Calling it by the numbers...

a) Cleaned up and got the kitchen ready for a brew.
b) Sanitised everything I was using or going to use by chucking it in the MR Beer barrel with hot water and the no rinse sanitiser.
c) Started with the pan of water, stirring in the suger as directed, bit by bit.
e) Addded the extract
f) Added the yeast.

Now I put it to one side, cleaned up and then had to move it. For a few days I got bubbles from the yeast doing it stuff. However I had to move it again!

Soon after, no fizzing, no "crap" collecting on top or anything ( I used a torch to try and see)

I left it for a week or two and did open the lid. It has the beery smell, but it looks like all the yeast and crud has gathered at the bottom. I wouldn't like to taste it for sure.

So I am guessing either some sort of contamination occurred that killed the yeast after 2 days OR the temp is not right.

One of the issues I have is that I have nowhere in the house at a constant 10 degrees C. I will however buy a thermometer and see if there is anywhere that has anywhere near that (if anything it will be too cold as I am pretty much a hot kind of person, even in Winter, if you get my drift!)

If you want to see pics of the gunk at the bottom, I can take some shots.

I am going to the homebrew store this saturday to pick up some sanitiser, sugar and extract to try and repeat.

Any suggestions, advice welcome for this complete novice.

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Apr 2012
Richmond, KY
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Sounds like a good fermentation to me.

The stuff at the bottom is called trub, it's all the yeast and other stuff that has settled to the bottom. You don't always see krausen (foamy stuff) on top or adhered to the side. Depends in the yeast and how active fermentation was.
Give it a try, bet ya 10$ you got beer!

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Relax? RELAX?!
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Feb 2010
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10C is pretty darn cold. That is likely why you are seeing a very slow fermentation. I'd recommend getting somewhere closer to 17-20C.

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StueyB, Usually the first phase of fermentation is where the most action takes place. That's about 2-4 days. The yeast is still working after that. Stuff (krausen) floats for awhile then drops out and settles on the bottom. Colder temps mean fermentation takes longer, or stops altogether. Ideally you want temps in the 15-20C range. You should find a way (search here) to warm up the Mr. Beer a little. Give it some time. Three weeks in the fermenter and three weeks in the bottle is a good rule of thumb.

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Everything you said sounds NORMAL to me. Take Petey's advice and come back and tell us how you had a noobish panic and everything is fine.
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Sep 2012
Chester, UK
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Thanks to everyone for the super quick replies. Ok, so I drew off a (tiny) little bit to see whats what.

This is a pale ale I am doing, and it has been going 2.5 weeks.

It looks like a urine sample when your dehydrated, ie dark yellow and v cloudy!

Taste, ok, it's weak but it kind of resembles beer. So with that I am going to go buy a thermometer for a good start, and give it a few more weeks. Whilst I am down town I may pick up a second kit

Reason: Spelling

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Sep 2012
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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It's tough to know from a flat, warm sample how your beer is going to taste when finished. I'd recommend buying a 6-pack of what you were trying to brew (or something close to it). Drink one tonight while you relax in the realization that everything is fine. Open a second one and leave it on the counter overnight. Taste that one tomorrow when it is flat and warm. Take notice of the difference between carbed, conditioned, cold beer and a flat, warm sample.

You are going to be fine. I doubt you made something award winning, but its just your first attempt. It will no doubt be beer and I'm sure it will taste better than my first. Keep trying and you will have better and better results.

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