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Oct 2005
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I've read here about printing my own labels and decided to go that way.
So I bought some "fixing" spray, the kind used for pencil or cryon paintings.
I printed my labels (I will post it here some other time), sprayed with fixer and used glue stick to apply them, just as I read here.

After that I tested it by wetting the bottle (not soaking, just a little water).
The ink started to wear off immediately and the label itself came off too easily, almost with no peeling.

So obviously it isnt working for me.

My questions are:

1. For all the people here who use this method and recommend it here: do you experience the same problems ? how do your labels handle the condensation of water on the bottle after you take it out of the fridge ?
Am I missing something or doing it wrong ?

2. What are the alternatives ? Is there any better way to seal and glue home-made labels ? If I go and by labels and then print on them with my home jet printer, will it stay better ?

Thank you

Guy Shilo

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Old 12-01-2005, 10:12 AM   #2
Apr 2005
Dublin, Ireland
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I don't know what this fixing spray that you're talking about is, but I have used Hair Spray to seal my labels quite sucessfully. They won't take a dunking in a bucket of ice though, but they handle the condensation from the fridge quite nicely.
Glue wise I have used gluestick (we call it pritt stick here) and also PVA adhesive like used in building/diy. Water it down about 5:1 or 6:1 or so and it should be OK.

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Old 12-06-2005, 09:40 AM   #3
Oct 2005
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I tried using hair spray, and it didnt go so well. After applying the label I tested it by dripping few drops of water on the bottle. The ink washed off almost immediately.
I guess the next thing I'll try will be that transperent spray paing available in DYI shops.

Or maybe I'm too hard with my labels...

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Old 12-06-2005, 10:00 AM   #4
For the love of beer!
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Sep 2005
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I just keep mine dry untill I've finished them.
I swear by watered down PVA, sticks well, it soaks into the label and helps seal it and the labels fall off in warm water with no residue left.
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Old 12-06-2005, 01:12 PM   #5
The Councilman
Aug 2005
Port Huron, MI
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I use whatever clear spray I happen to have lying around. Any type of a spray poly or lacquer should work. Cheap hairspray is lacquer.
BTW, don't breathe the stuff! Lacquer can really damage your lungs.

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Aug 2005
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If you're lucky enough to have a color laser printer at work, sneak a few labels to it. Crisp, beautiful pictures everytime, with no chance of ink running from water.

If you don't, you could go to Kinkos/etc and print them there - I don't belive they charge too much per page.

I just use a glue stick to affix them, and it seems to hold pretty well so far.
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God Emporer BillyBrew
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Sep 2005
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Originally Posted by Eskram

If you don't, you could go to Kinkos/etc and print them there - I don't belive they charge too much per page.

I just use a glue stick to affix them, and it seems to hold pretty well so far.
I just got some printed at the local print shop and it was only .79 per page, that's six per page.
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Oct 2005
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The print shop/kiosk sounds like a good idea. I do have a color laser printer at my work but they wont be happy to see me using it for more than few sheets.


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Old 12-08-2005, 12:26 AM   #9
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May 2005
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I tried the hairspray, too. The ink ran from the condensation on the bottles. Worked alot better on pencil drawings when I was an art student. What is this PVA of which you speak?
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Nov 2005
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For the money, you can't go wrong with spraying Clear Model spray. Any hobby store that sells model metal cars or little guys to paint up for Role playing has it. Spray two coats on and don't touch it till the next day. I work at a label company, and we'll use it for 'Bayer' Diagnostic to Gillette deodorant labels. Or, get colorfast paper. Not the photo glossy kind. And unless you really need to, don't dunk your bottles in water.

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