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Ha! Now we know why it tastes like water. Canoe beer? Yes, canoe beer!!

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Uh, I hope Josh Boxer has done his homework here and had some tests done. I think it has been a practice of AB to brew a stronger beer and water it down for quite some time. The key is, the beer starts out stronger than the 5% ABV advertised on the bottle and then is blended down to the correct strength. I think this practice saves them tank space and allows them to brew more beer, saving them money.

Why do I suspect this guy got drunk one night, one of the AB Fairfield plant employees was at the same party, told him about this practice and, when he woke up the next day, he didn't quite remember it correctly?!?!
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Interesting, but unless I'm misunderstanding something I don't trust the article:

"The excess water is added just before bottling and cuts the stated alcohol content by 3 percent to 8 percent, he said. "

When a basic mathematical fact is missed, what else is overlooked?

My word, 10 billion gallons! That's a huge amount of beer. Kyle

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So did they mean to say the beer is 1 to 2% abv? If only there were some kind of way to test that. I guess we could each drink 5 King Cobras and see if we feel like we only had one 5% abv beer.
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I can't believe someone posted this! My husband said something just tonight about taking me on a canoe ride. So exciting! Don't think he was talking about beer, though. And I don't see a canoe around here. Wonder what he means?

Jill Mc

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I thought all domestic lagers by the big three were water down. Hell, the retro recipes in BYO say to only put 4 gallons of beer into your keg and top off with a gallon of boiled water to make the 5 gallons. Now, if the ABV% is wrong because they are watering down that is one thing. But watering down to get to the ABV? That's news? Hell, we all say it taste like piss water anyway.

And Bedlam....I'm speechless. LMAO!!

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