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Mar 2011
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I had been thinking of brewing my own beer for 10+ years. Finally decided to make the jump early last year. Brewer's Best kits for 10+ that were all good-great besides one that I "messed with". Doing all-grain now, 10 gallon batches and splitting half and half into kegs and bottles.

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Feb 2013
Phoenix, AZ
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Worked with this guy that gave me a brewing kit, so I started saving bottles, and worked up to a BB kit. This guy can be a real prick sometimes , hahaha..., but I consider him a good friend , greatly appreciate his support , and advice. Now converting to all grain 10 gallon batches, kegging , and bottling also.
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Sep 2011
Peterborough, ON
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Started out as a kid helping my dad out; that stopped when I was about 12 at the same time we moved to another city.

At about 17 I picked up medieval re-creation as a hobby, which lead to tons of research into traditional mead and cider, as well as a few illicit batches. The farmer's market and online shopping really are amazing....

I was just turning 19 when I got into extract brewing (legal drinking age is 19 here) and this opened up all the home brew shops to me; been doing extract and meads off and on since then, and have just recently broken into the world of all-grain brewing and kegging.

Really, it boils down (pun intended) to preserving knowledge. My area of the country, almost nobody home brews, they do it at "brew your own" shops. I can see in another 10 years that in this area, home brewing will become another near-lost artfrom.
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Sep 2008
Denver, CO
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I got a kit for my husband for his birthday. He was never really interested in brewing so it was a free gift for me! 3 years and a lot of batches later he got more interested in the process and now he brews by himself occasionally.

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Nov 2012
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where I grew up, you had cheap beer (Busch & Busch Light) and expensive beer (Bud & Bud Light). when I was a teenager, I found flavor: Guinness & Fat Tire. I always knew my grandpa & granny used to make beer and my other grandpa used to make wine (and an occasional beer), but I never really thought about doing it myself. I moved to Vegas in '99 & worked with a machinist that brewed. he invited me over for a brew & bottle day. next payday we went down to the HBS got hooked up with equipment & a stout kit. the stout ended up nasty through many faults of my own. never gave up & never looked back.
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Jun 2009
Lopez Island, WA
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The LHBS donated starter equipment kits to the NPR station fund raiser. I think I had to donate $75 to the station to get it. Then my wife gave me two recipe kits for my birthday.

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Apr 2012
Richland, WA
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Times got tight and we had to move to where we are so I could find work. Ended up getting hired kn at a brewpub as a cook...I hate cooking as a job, just don't like that aspect of cooking.

So after a few months I learned some of the guys there brewed together so I asked if I could sit in on a session or two and learn brewing. Sat in on a few portions of brews due to work schedule issues but found it fascinating as a process, so I read about process, grains, recipes and hops.

Then the brewer at work left and a position needed filling, so I volunteered. Couple weeks worth of crash course brewing lessons on the equipment and I was now the brewer. Two months later I was designing and brewing my own recipes alongside our regular brews.

Now that I finally have all my gear together I am brewing three gallon batches at home and have been doing this for the last two months.

Yeah I did it a bit backwards, but I love it all the same
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Jun 2012
Reno, NV
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I've been a fan of beer and the processes of making it and I always wanted to get into brewing my own at some point. The catalyst for getting me to finally start was when I saw "Beer Wars" in the theater. Went to the LHBS the next day and got a kit. Been putting money into this wonderful hobby ever since.

On tap:

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Aug 2012
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
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Started drinking Young's Double Chocolate Stout. Loved it but hard on the wallet. I started looking on the internet to see how hard/expensive it would be to make something similar. I was just curious really and not expecting anything to come of it but I happened across the Craigtube Easy Home Brewing videos. I thought to myself "that does look easy". So I bought the Cooper's DIY and gave it a try. That was last december.

In the past year or so I've done 4 wine kits, 2 1 gallon all grain batchs, 3 5 gallon, partial mash batches, 4 1 gallon hard ciders and a bunch of Cooper's canned kits. It's a fun hobby and most of the beer I made is at least as good as the cheaper stuff (if you can call $2.00 a bottle cheap) I drank before I got hooked on Young's.

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Oct 2012
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this article (that I still have) from the April '93 issue of Details magazine

after I got out of the Navy, late '93, I brewed 6 or 7 batches, mostly extract with steeping, but I did one 15-gallon partial-mash before I moved to a smaller place and had to leave my equipment at my dad's.

for 18 years.

back into it last October and have 6 more batches under my belt.

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