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Feb 2013
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I got worried, didn't relax, and didn't have a HB. Bubbles stop after one day so I shook and re-pitched, waited a day and racked to secondary. Bottled a week later and there it is, buttery taste/smell. In the bottles now for 2 weeks. Will it subside or should I drink and move on? Thanks.

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Jan 2013
Pullman, WA
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Wait wait wait, you racked to secondary after only 2 days in the primary...AFTER you pitched 2 full packets of yeast?
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Feb 2013
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I pitched #1 at 76 and witnessed good activity. Bubbles stopped so I moved to cooler temp. Temp dropped to 59 so I moved back to 68 area. Nothing( bubbles). Shook and noticed activity for 1 more day. Re- pitched on 3rd day of no bubbles. No grav read taken (I know, I know). Now I have buttery taste.

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Mar 2011
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What was the recipe? So from what i gather you bottled after 10 days correct? For future reference bubbles DO Not mean anything as far as fermentation goes. Just because you don't have bubbles doesn't mean your beer isn't fermenting. When you bottled how much priming sugar did you add? And depending on your recipe and what yeast you pitched maybe you it FG who knows. My concern would be bottle bombs at this juncture. So put your bottles in a trash bag for a few weeks at the least. And post your recipe how much priming sugar you used and what yeast you pitched. When the temp was 76 to start depending on your OG you could have fermented out quick at those high temps .
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Jan 2012
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I think if your beer tastes like butter, you should drink it with popcorn.

Or lobster

Just don't drink too much of it. That buttery flavor gives a wicked hangover.

I think I saw something about it making you sterile too.

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Feb 2013
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Okay, recipe is:

6.3 lbs amber LME
8 oz victory malt
8 oz 40L crystal malt
1 oz simcoe 60min
1 oz centennial 30min
1 oz centennial 5min
1 tsp Irish moss
1 tsp gypsum
4 oz oak chips 15min
Wyeast 1028 x2

Primary about 7 days, secondary about 7 days. FG was 1.012. In bottle now for 13 days. Tasted after 8 days, was a little flat and had slight to moderate buttey taste.

I've read a bunch on hear and most say its too late to change, so is that where I am? Thanks.

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Dec 2011
Orlando, FL
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Put it in a dark cool place and try to forget about it. Read a good home brewing book like How to Brew or Yeast, and brew again. Maybe take some Tai Chi or yoga meditation classes too, your impatience will ruin a batch more than any thing!!!!

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Old 02-23-2013, 01:46 PM   #8
Feb 2013
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You're right, I was too impatient. So focused on that airlock. Anyway, brewed second batch and i am letting it do its thing and waiting it out. Hopefully first batch will taste a little better over time.

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Jun 2011
Arnold, Maryland
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Do you have a hydrometer? Always take a gravity reading to make sure fermentation is completed before you either rack to secondary or bottle (if going straight from the primary).

Relaaaaaaaaaax. The first brew is always the toughest because you want that beer sooner rather then later.

For comparisons I typically leave my beer in the primary for 3 weeks and then bottle straight from the primary. After over a year and a half of brewing I have yet to secondary.

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Feb 2011
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Here's a list of of flavors from Draft magazine. The kroc.org one was replaced by the Kroc club page; http://draftmag.com/offflavors/
Your problem is due to diacetyl for that buttery flavor.
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