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Originally Posted by WoodHokie4 View Post
Wow...this has been generating a lot of good conversation!

In reply to several posts:
I have had a bahn mi before at a local bahn mi restaurant. I have actually seen a couple shows on food network talking about them specifically and have gotten a little obsessed...

Hot pastrami sandwiches are awesome, especially from a goood kosher deli. I've never been to the west coast to tell, but id pit a good east coast kosher pastrami against west coast any day.

That muffaletta......drool......thats next on my list of sandwiches to make after the bahn mi.
Glad to hear you know about Bahn mi. It's a mind blowing experience, especially to the uninitiated.

I understand your gut instinct (pun intended) about east coast vs west coast pastrami. Here is my take on the situation having had plenty on both sides of the coast. Yeah, they invented it on the east coast. But the true masters left for the west coast and settled on Fairfax in West LA. Having said that, you wouldn't catch me dead there, as they feel it reasonable to charge $20 for a sandwich that I can consume in a sitting. They are killing the golden goose. Sure, the tourist will drop a $20 for the experience, but you wont catch a local there unless they are showing around out of town family, or celebrating a once a year type thing.

I was going to mention muffalettas in my first post, but felt I was getting wordy already. One type of sandwitch I actually feel is very overrated is a po' boy. I have only ever eaten them in NO (my favorite eating city by far), and I have always been underwhelmed by the dry, breadiness of them. A muffaletta on the other hand, almost always good.

I too, have a strong passion for a good 'witch, and hope to sit across from you at a table somewhere in this great country of ours and dig in. Thanks for the happy thread.

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Originally Posted by woknblues View Post
One type of sandwitch I actually feel is very overrated is a po' boy. I have only ever eaten them in NO (my favorite eating city by far), and I have always been underwhelmed by the dry, breadiness of them. A muffaletta on the other hand, almost always good.

I too, have a strong passion for a good 'witch, and hope to sit across from you at a table somewhere in this great country of ours and dig in. Thanks for the happy thread.
Po'boys can be a great sandwich if done properly. If you've been to NO, then you've been to their birth place. Legend has it, that the term was coined by restaurant owners giving out free sandwiches to the street car conductors who were on strike at the time, and were referred to as the "poor boys", and would typically consist of oysters or shrimp. I love cajun/creole food, but have not had many po'boys. To your point, though, the bread makes all the difference in a sandwich and can make or break it.

I look forward to enjoying a good sammich together sometime!

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As far as I'm concerned the chivito is the king of the sandwich world.

A nice Cuban or banh mi are close runners up.

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The Braeburn Lodge between Whitehorse and Dawson City, Yukon has THE BEST rueben sandwich. They use thick slabs of homemade sourdough bread and it's a meal for two. They even have an airstrip across the highway and it's an official stop for the Yukon Quest annual dogsledding race.

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Originally Posted by woknblues View Post
I am sure nobody will remember it, but there was a place downtown LA that my grandparents would take us when we visited. It was called Chep's (Deli?). Anyways, you sit down and they bring out plates of pickles. Then, we would order 'The Ring Dinger". This was probably a $30 sandwich or so. They would bring this giant platter that had a huge rye and turkey/pastrami multi layered sandwich all cut up with toothpicks and olives, pickled onions and good mustard and whatnot. It fed 6 people more than comfortably.

That said, good LA pastrami sandwiches are almost a dime a dozen there, and I would put 'em up against anything on the East Coast or Montreal, etc. 'The Hat', a chain makes a very passable sandwich that you can find all over. I have found that for some reason, the prices of these types of sandwiches carry a premium that I personally feel are unfounded.

Beyond pastrami, (a pinch of salt thrown over my shoulder to ward off bad voodoo for even saying it) I am mostly excited about Vietnamese Bahn Mi.

Bahn Mi can generally be found in any Vietnamese restaurant, though the trend nowadays is that there are Vietnamese "Deli"s that pretty much do only Bahn Mi, or at least specialize in it. The approach is interesting. The toppings and varieties in these places that specialize are staggering. I would suggest you first go and have one with something you can wrap your mind around, then explore without hesitation the odd and wondrous varieties that they come up with. My favorite at my local place is a baguette, filled with cilantro and mint, pickled daikon and bean sprouts, carrot, hot peppers and then a meat loaf like liver pate, a headcheese type offering, and barbecued pork. I get a side of fish sauce for dipping it into.... Godly stuff. Another hallmark that I appreciate is that the sandwiches are usually $4-$5. I can also get a "double meat" for $2 and easily split one with my wife to share. $6 take out lunch for 2? Yes sir.
Bahn Mi is great, and sooooo cheap! I used to live right near Eden Center, one of the largest Vietnamese enclaves in the country.

I clicked on this thread because I have been thinking about food all day. Today I made pork schnitzel sandwiches with my deep fryer for the first time, insanely good.

The best sandwich is a Jersey Reuben, in my opinion. Replace the sour kraut with coleslaw, and add Russian dressing and pastrami. So good.
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Originally Posted by nasty_rabbit View Post
If you have ever been to Pittsburgh there is a restaurant in the " strip district" called Primanti Brothers....
+1 for Primanti Brothers!!! I enjoyed their Colossal Fish Sandwich, a couple of times, it is a thing of beauty.

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The Monte Cristo is the best sandwich ever invented. Turkey, cheese, deep fried, with raspberry jam.

I like all the ones mentioned above, but they are pedestrian next to the Monte Cristo.

Bennigans (are they still around?) had a great one.
- Andrew

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I'm a big sandwich guy myself. I really like muffaletta, a nice rare roast beef and butter on a homemade roll, or grilled cuban style sandwich, but my favorite of all has to be the pastrami reuben from Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor. They have the best pastrami I have ever eaten, anywhere, but you have to get the full fat cut. It may even be better just to buy a loaf of their rye, a pound of their pastrami, and a pound o their swiss, and take it home and make 3 or 4 great hot sandwiches from it. If you like pastrami, corned beef, or a just a great deli sandwich, Zingerman's is great.

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Originally Posted by Red_Scooter View Post
Bahn mi from the pickled carrot in Denton TX.
Ive never been to the Pickled Carrot (nor Denton, nor most of Texis for that matter) but I was going to mention a Bahn Mi. The worst Bahn Mi Ive ever had was still better than most other sandwiches
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Originally Posted by Airplanedoc View Post
Man, I have a few

Hot Dipped Italian Beef -- Sometimes I throw a slice of Smoked Provolone

Pastrami and Swiss on Rye

Really can't go wrong with a good Pulled Pork either.
We have Al's beef's, you order it "dipped wit hot peppers" And we have Hot dogs when your order them you say "drag em through the garden" And Maxwell street polish. Sooo good, tast like Mom used to buy.

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