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Oct 2012
, Delaware
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I have a bit of a sandwich fetish and am always on the lookout for new sandwiches to try.

What was the best sandwich you ever had and where did you get it?

Bonus: beer pairings? And recipe links?

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I Sell Koalas
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Jan 2013
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Jim N Nick's BBQ, they have the "double decker" Pulled pork, brisket, sauce, pickles, on a home made bun. Awesome with a Dry dock Apricot Blonde.
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Feb 2011
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I don't know, but I just watched "My Drunk Kitchen: Tuna Melt!" and I'd like one of those. Preferably with a side order of Hannah Hart. Although it would help if she was straight.

I'm sorry, what was the question?

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Sep 2011
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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I am sure nobody will remember it, but there was a place downtown LA that my grandparents would take us when we visited. It was called Chep's (Deli?). Anyways, you sit down and they bring out plates of pickles. Then, we would order 'The Ring Dinger". This was probably a $30 sandwich or so. They would bring this giant platter that had a huge rye and turkey/pastrami multi layered sandwich all cut up with toothpicks and olives, pickled onions and good mustard and whatnot. It fed 6 people more than comfortably.

That said, good LA pastrami sandwiches are almost a dime a dozen there, and I would put 'em up against anything on the East Coast or Montreal, etc. 'The Hat', a chain makes a very passable sandwich that you can find all over. I have found that for some reason, the prices of these types of sandwiches carry a premium that I personally feel are unfounded.

Beyond pastrami, (a pinch of salt thrown over my shoulder to ward off bad voodoo for even saying it) I am mostly excited about Vietnamese Bahn Mi.

Bahn Mi can generally be found in any Vietnamese restaurant, though the trend nowadays is that there are Vietnamese "Deli"s that pretty much do only Bahn Mi, or at least specialize in it. The approach is interesting. The toppings and varieties in these places that specialize are staggering. I would suggest you first go and have one with something you can wrap your mind around, then explore without hesitation the odd and wondrous varieties that they come up with. My favorite at my local place is a baguette, filled with cilantro and mint, pickled daikon and bean sprouts, carrot, hot peppers and then a meat loaf like liver pate, a headcheese type offering, and barbecued pork. I get a side of fish sauce for dipping it into.... Godly stuff. Another hallmark that I appreciate is that the sandwiches are usually $4-$5. I can also get a "double meat" for $2 and easily split one with my wife to share. $6 take out lunch for 2? Yes sir.

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Sep 2011
Albuquerque, New Mexico
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By the way, you could probably pair this with just about any beer, as I personally feel that Asian food in general is so balanced and diverse (sweet, salty, spicy, pungent, etc) that it lends itself to just about anything. I would as soon drink a milk stout with one as I would a Berliner Weisse.

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Nov 2012
Merrill, WI
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Seen these today! Tasty looking things! We have a place here in town that serves "Beezers" They are a burger with swiss/american cheese, topped with prime rib slice and served with a "beezer" sauce. Kind of a horseradish bbq sauce i guess?! They are on texas toast. But i suppose technically i'm speaking burgers.
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Jun 2009
Lansing, MI
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Kobe-Wagyu Burger* – 1/2 pound kobe burger topped with caramelized onion and gorgonzola cheese served on a grilled asiago bun with bistro sauce, lettuce and tomato. Its at a place called The Soup Spoon Cafe in Lansing, MI

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Dec 2012
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The Matt Cain from Ike's Lair in redwood city, California. Yahoo listed it as among the best in the country. Man vs Food went there as well. If you ever happen to be in the area, stop and try it. Every sandwich on their website is unique.

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Jan 2012
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Ever see the movie Spanglish? There's a scene where Adam Sandler makes a BLT with a fried egg in it. Every variation I have made of this has been great, but my favorite is on sourdough bread. I cook the bacon strips first. Then I butter the bread and toast it on the griddle. I make an over easy egg with salt and pepper and then layer my sandwich from bottom to top: slice of bread, lettuce, bacon strips, tomato slices, egg, a bit of fresh or dry basil for flavor, and the top slice of bread. No mayo or other dressings. I cut it in half with a bread knife and let the egg yolk drip out, giving me a nice sauce to dip the sandwich in. It tastes great with a dry stout late at night.

Google "Spanglish Sandwich" for pictures and other recipes.

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Aug 2009
Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Hook & Ladder from Firehouse Subs.

It's the sandwich equivalent of crack.
I Secondary.

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