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Oct 2012
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Would you still brew, me personally hell ya. I would probably get more of a kick out of it. Like drinking beer when I was in the teens the fun days.

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Feb 2011
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Where would I get the supplies then?

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Almaigan Brewing Co.
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Dec 2008
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From the homebrew shop, it would only be illegal to brew, not to sell ingredients.
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Dec 2011
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Probably depends on the penalties, likelihood of getting caught and availability/access to quality ingredients. If penalties were significant or if you could really only end up making alcoholic swill..... no. If it was a little enforced law and premium ingredients were still readily available, I probably would.

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Goatlocker Brewery
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Dec 2011
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Without a doubt, yes.
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Jan 2012
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I live in Alabama, where is *IS* illegal. I brew.

Yeah, I'm hardcore. You guys talk about how you MIGHT break the law, but I DO it.
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Mar 2012
Cincy, OH
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no, i would stop
на здравје!

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Aug 2012
minneapolis, minnesota
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Is brewing illegal or drinking illegal in this situation?

If it were brewing then I would likely continue because I doubt the punishment could be super harsh, or that they would even try seeking you out.

If it were drinking I'd be more than likely not too because I would imagine that distributing an illegal substance would be a pretty stiff penalty. Like growing weed, or I guess bootlegging liquor in the 20s.
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Dec 2011
Culpeper, VA
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Now what if beer was outlawed completely.

The only way to drink a beer was to homebrew it? I bet you in that case most of us would risk prison to homebrew! I know I would...I would just brew out in the woods on my in-laws 500 acre farm!
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Sep 2011
vernon hills, il
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Yep, I would. There are speed limits too, and I rarely go below them.

My wife is like a well crafted beer...bitter, yet sweet enough to balance perfectly!

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