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Originally Posted by the_bird
Actually, one thing we did do very early on was teach her some sign language. Kids can communicate at a lot younger age than people expect, they just can't do it verbally. Sign language can help out tremendously. We have a Baby Einstein video that does sign, and there's a PBS show that Cassie used to *love* called "Signing Time."
I did the same thing with my oldest daughter. By the time she was 15 months she knew how to sign for just about everything that she wanted but couldn't say.

Overall though I'd have to agree with Bird in that I don't know that there are any foolproof ways to continually stimilate all parts of the human brain on a consistent basis.

I read to all of my children regularly, and I have the older ones read to me (or to their sisters) for 20 minutes every night. On the weekends we have 'school time' where we play some silly games, but also do some real school work that's related to things that they are actually doing in school - albeit more advanced. My Kindergartner is doing simple math and some reading already and my 2nd grader is doing math and reading well above her grade level.

Most kids love to learn, you just need to make it fun for them by keeping them engaged and interested.
Originally Posted by the_bird
Well, if you *love* it.... again, note that my A.S.S. has five pounds.

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I should clarify, we didn't do any TV for the first 15 months or so, and VERY limited afterwards. We didn't wait the full two years, but we also didn't plop her down in front of the set. Something like the Signing Time, we'd sit there and interact with her. Even now, the TV might be on, but Cassie's usually DOING something, it's very rare that she'll just sit there and watch. Except when she was sick and cuddled up on the couch and watched CNBC with me.
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Bad games:

1. *******
2. Hide The Pink Sausage
3. Knifey-Spoony
4. "I'll Bet You Can't Swallow This"
5. Target Practice
6. William Tell
7. Chop Poker
8. Sword fighting with flourescent tubes
9. Does This Hurt?
10. Catch The Jart.
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