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Dec 2012
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I'm using my return to pay off some of the credit card I used to buy my wife's new wedding ring.

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Apr 2012
Lafayette, IN
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Getting no tax return...per se. My wife's income is non-taxed and I maxed out my withholdings to plan to pay for some of her taxes that would be owed. We had also been socking away money in savings with the expectation of it going to cover taxes

Turns out there was a misunderstanding between our tax person and myself. We had $8,600 set back expecting to have to pay that and ended up actually only owing $2,600!!!! Now that's a hell of a mistake that makes you happy in the end

I will owe the government a fee since we owe so much, but it's only about $20, and we're now adjusted for this year.

This extra money is going to savings for our new house in the future and some current home improvements.

Kind of makes finding $1 in your pocket not as cool though

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Jun 2012
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Originally Posted by UnDeadPresident View Post
Zeroing out my CC debt and then buying the stuff for a Son Of Fermentation Chamber for my place, and for a wooden brew stand for the AG setup my friend and I are setting up at his. Not sure which I'm the most excited for.
If you're gonna build a foamboard ferm chamber, I highly recommend building a "38DD Mother of Fermentation" chamber. Google that term for instructions.

It shouldnt be much more than building the "son" chamber, and will hold 2 fermenters. I have one, and used a controller from coolerguys. I forget their site (may be coolerguys.com) but they specialize in cooling A/V equipment. The temp controller has plugs already mounted to it, and they have connectors that plug into 12v PC fans. Makes wiring a snap.

One piece of advice though, use an outer container to hold your frozen ice container. I use little shoebox-sized plastic totes/tubs. One day, after repeated freezing/thawing, the bottom of one cracked. I did not realize this because I put it in the chamber frozen. When I got home from work, it had leaked ALL over the floor, ruining the laminate flooring under my 38dd chamber. .

Originally Posted by biohaz7331 View Post
Awesome good to hear everyone's new plans. On the cc debt I will also be paying off my cards before buying my new equipment.
Had quite a bit of CC debt to pay off myself. Thats the reason i didn't get as much brewstuff as I wanted.

Feels great knowing it's gone, but I'm just wondering how long it will take before I slowly start acquiring it again

Originally Posted by PackerfaninSanDiego View Post
that's what everyone should do.....why give them "$1000" interest free and get it back in April?
For some people who absolutely cannot save money (myself included) due to lack of restraint, this is actually not a bad idea.

My accountant guy who did my taxes said I was getting back too much, but if I'm not able to save on my own, this is a perfectly viable way to do it.

Also he said since the interest rates are crap anyways, I'm not losing any real money by giving Uncle Sam this "interest-free loan." I got back a LOT this year (say between 6 and 7 grand), and he said it would have only made me about 70 dollars in interest.

I'm fine with that, knowing that I would have blown every penny of that money.
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Thinking about a fermentation chamber. Last summer was really hot in the north east and I had some pretty funky esters.

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Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by KurtB View Post
I will be buying nothing with my tax refund as I should not be getting one. If everything goes as planned, I should owe $1 in taxes. I hate giving the government an interest free loan of my money by overpaying my taxes throughout the year.
I really need to optimize my withholdings like this as well. I had a much larger refund than I was expecting, and I could do much more with the extra money every month than it does to receive a windfall once a year.

Hopefully I can get it nailed down.
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Nov 2008
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I'm getting a new Fox CTD Boost Valve shock for my Yeti 575. The remainder of the loot will go to pay off my only credit card. After that debt is paid off, I only have another 2 grand to go on my Tacoma and about $115K to go before the bank lets me have my house free and clear.
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Dec 2011
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The only reason I get a tax return is because if my mortgage interest payments deduction.

We are using it to buy a new mattress and bed frame for our room! When you are married you don't get to use your tax return for toys or beer stuff.
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Originally Posted by naga77777 View Post
If you're gonna build a foamboard ferm chamber, I highly recommend building a "38DD Mother of Fermentation" chamber. Google that term for instructions....
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that one out later - Not googling "38DD Mother..." at work.

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May 2009
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I'm not 100% convinced we are getting a check back from the government this year. We may end up owing a few thousand. I need to get an appointment with my tax guy soon and get working on that.

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Aug 2012
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Ha ha I am engaged so I get to spend a little on brewing and toys I kind of like the return system because it gives you a little chunk sometimes. I agree with what was said that I would probably spend the money if I had it throughout the year.

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