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Jun 2012
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How long do most of you wait until you put your bottles in the refrigerator? And how long in the refrigerator?

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Oct 2012
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2-3 weeks at 70ish, then 1 week in the fridge.

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Nov 2010
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Depends on carbonation, temps,clarity,taste. Normally Id say at least 4-6 weeks.Its taking at least 4 weeks for mine to carb up this winter-and probably not fully @ lowish/mid 60's temps.Your beer should get better with longer lagering - (sticking it in the fridge). I just check them one at a time so Id say a few days fridgetime, but I also check one before 3 weeks all the time and often @ a week.

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Put em in a 40 degree beer cave after 2 weeks.
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Also depends on gravity of the beer.High gravity can take longer to carb.

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Jan 2013
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I bottle keep at 65-68 for a couple weeks then in the basement for another 6

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I let them carb & condition at 70F+ for 3-4 weeks. Then 1-2 weeks fridge time.
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You wait til they're carbed and conditioned. The 3 weeks at 70 we mention on here is the minimum for most average gravity 12 ounce beers, higher gav beers may take months to carb and condition. Large bottles take longer than 12 ouncers.

You take one from each case, chill them for a minimum of 24 hours, then taste them. If both beers are carbed, then more than likely all the beers are carbed, if only one is, the beer is more than likely not carbed yet and needs more time.

If neither of them are carbed yet, it needs more time...that's it. Carbing is not mystical or magical or complicated, it's yeast, eating sugar and farting co2 for a few weeks...and it's fullproof. But it's a game of patience.
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Jan 2013
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Two weeks at room temperature, maybe. The lighter beers will be carbed enough to drink after a week. I never refrigerate the bottles until the week I plan to drink them though.

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Mar 2012
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It really depends on the style, there's no general rule. As Revvy mentioned, bottle carbing can take anywhere from a few days to 6 months depending on the ABV, yeast, your storage temperature, etc. For the most part, the beers that take longer to carb are beers you'll want to age anyway, so it's not a bad thing. Some beers (IPAs, hefe) are significantly better fresh, so if that's what you're into I'd start drinking them as soon as they're carbed.

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