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I usually ferment using WLP001 which has a suggested temp range of 68-73 degrees. which works out perfectly for me since we keep our house at 70% so I can easily through my fermenter in a closet (~71 degrees).

I'm now however using WLP009 which has a suggested range of 65-70 degrees. Is the temp in my closet a bit too high for this strain of yeast? I checked my garage today (California) and it was high in the high 50's. Not yet sure how hot it gets in the day or how cold at night. If I choose to ferment in my garage would this temp be too low?

If I had to choose between my closet which is a bit too high or my garage which is a bit too low, which should I go with?

This is what I'm thinking. Too high of a temperature could lead to off flavors while a low temperature may just take a little more time fermenting, so I should probably go with the garage. Is this correct?

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The garage would be my suggestion if your goal is cleaner flavors. I routinely ferment beer using WLP001 in the low 60's--actually, I always try to keep 001 at 65 or below for the first week, especially if I'm fermenting an IPA. You can always move the beer back inside to finish up if it's lagging to much for your liking--this can help clean it up and shave off a coupole final points, too.

The garage ferment, especially, would benefit from the use a big starter and O2 if you can.

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I wouldn't go by an air temperature of 70 F and then think that you're good to go if you fall within the average recommended fermentation temperature of 65-70 F. Actual fermentation of ale wort kicks off at about 6-8 degrees hotter than the air temperature surrounding the primary... at least during the first 3-7 days or so. But a few days after this time frame, you can afford for the beer temperature to be a few degrees higher.

You would be better off placing your primary in a larger bin filled with cold water. Drape a wet towel around the outside and blow a fan onto the towel. This should help to keep the temperature a few degrees lower than air temperature.

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+1 to a water bath. They are great at holding temperature. Add an aquarium heater if you want to ferment a little warmer.

Like this:
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