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Jun 2012
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So I've just done my first bulk order of hops from Nikobrew. My plan is to first brew the great Zombie Dust clone by skeezerpleezer, then pouring Yooper's DFH60 on top of the yeast cake (I plan on using WLP002 as a sub for Wyeast 1968 -- but both second brews use Pacman and I willl use this if the LHBS has it). My reasoning for this is the Zombie Dust clone has a slighty lower OG than the DFH clone. On top of all of this no doubt foolish cheapness, I have the ingredients to do Yooper's Rogue Dead Guy clone as well. I thought I would be super cheap and re-use the yeast cake a third time. The biggest problems I see is that the Dead Guy will be overpitched a good bit and I should have a fair amount of dead yeast by this point.

Is the whole endeavor a stupid cheap move to try to save a couple of bucks or do you think I can make some generally pretty good brews with this strategy?

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This is something I have been wondering myself, time to sit back and wait.
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For starters, read the first post in this thread:

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Jan 2012
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Hope it works out for you!

I've read the above thread, but still wanted to try out the repitching method ever since I heard about it. For what jt's worth, yesterday I put a newly brewed mild (OG 1.038) on a cake of WLP007 that fermented a batch of Northern Brewer's Surly Bitter Brewer (OG 1.040). Proponents of the method say that there should be a short lag time, etc, but at about 20hrs there's just the barest hint of krausen. I'm used to much faster and more vigorous fermentations with just a starter, but hopefully it'll work out in the end.
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Originally Posted by jordanfrenzy

Is the whole endeavor a stupid cheap move to try to save a couple of bucks or do you think I can make some generally pretty good brews with this strategy?
What economy? For the same price (free) you can harvest the yeast From the zombie dust and pitch proper rates into dead guy and DFH. Plus maybe 2 more beers, all using 2nd generation yeast.

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Yeah, I would just pour the slurry into ball jars so you can measure it and pitch the proper amount. Not that much more work and reduces the chance of off favors from over pitching.

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I rinse out roughly 3/4 of a cake and pitch cooled wort on that. Works fantastically.

A whole cake is overpitching.

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You're dumb.


Zombie Dust can be made with S-04 and DFH 60 uses US-05. You can easily make them with multiple packets of each rehydrated and be done with it. Won't cost much more either.

If you're stuck on 1068 or Pacman, I'd recommend at minimum washing it.
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1.) Don't pitch onto a yeast cake. Overpitching into a dirty carboy? No thanks.

2.) Even if you want to reuse the yeast, I would not re-use yeast from a hoppy beer. Hop oils are quite detrimental to cell wall health.

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Apr 2012
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Do it. See if you like it. I really don't think you will make a bad beer doing it. It might not be the best it could be but if you can't tell the difference and it saves you time then it sounds like a positive.

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