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Apr 2009
Hidden Valley, Arizona
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Getting the call from the person with a dog that bit someone and the call goes like this...

client"Hi, I heard you do dog rescue?"

me "Yes I do, what can I do for you"

client "my dog bit a 10 year old boy today and drew blood on him... can you help me find a new home for the dog? I don't think he is working out here"

me "has the dog had any kind of socialization, training, etc"

client "no" ( this part actually takes several minutes to come to this conclusion after multiple questions )

Me " we don't typically rehome dogs with bite histories without the dog undergoing rehabilitation , as they will not change their behavior without rehab and will end up euthanized. We suggest rehabilitation before rehoming. Rehabilitation will offer a moderate guarantee that the dog will not agress again. no rehabilitation will result in a dog almost guaranteed to re offend and be euthanized."

Client "you mean you can fix my dog? But I don't have time for that"

Me "then you should not have a dog in the first place"
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Mar 2011
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I have to agree. Why the hell did you ever get a dog?????
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Oct 2008
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"Client" is probably posting an ad for a free dog on Craigslist now.
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Jan 2011
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All dogs bite. Some just less than others.

If the kid got in the yard and got bit, blame the kid and his parents.
If the dog got out of the yard and bit the kid, blame the owner.

Originally Posted by Misplaced_Canuck
Carbonic bite? Is that like the bubonic plague?
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May 2012
Edmonton, Alberta
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all dogs bite. it's just an 80 pound dog bites harder than an 8 pound dog. that's why you hear so much about Rottweilers and pitbulls and nothing about chihuahuas or Jack Russells
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Feb 2011
Culpeper, Va
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I have a friend with a poorly trained chiwawa/dachshund mix. It has bitten a child on the face. They blame the child (admittedly I do not know the details). I have a 90lb pit/ridgeback mutt, if he were to bite a child on the face (he has never bitten anyone anywhere), I would be on the news and probably have to put my dog down.

I agree with the OP that training is the key to a good dog.

I always blame the owners for a bad dog.

Cheers to wolfstar for doing rescues, it's tough but rewarding work.
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Jul 2011
Them Scary Woods, FL
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I blame the owners, too. Some neighbors across the street from my parent's that were renting the house (gotta love tenants) had two pitts. Both were aggressive as hell. They had a small fenced in back patio (not really a yard) that they used to escape from all the time. When my family and I drove up for a visit a few years ago, they ran out of their yard and attacked my pants leg while I was unloading suitcases from our car.

My pregnant Wife and oldest Daughter ran for the house where they met up with my elderly Father, who came out to find out what all the ruckus was about. The two dogs charged him and he fell backwards into the hedgerow in front of his house. I had to pick up a stick and charge the dogs screaming and flailing at them to get them off of my Father. They ran back down the street where they proceeded to kill another neighbor's dog that just happened to be let out for a potty break. When the police were called, he merely stepped out of his patrol car and the pair of dogs charged the officer. He pulled his sidearm. No more doggies. Of course, the animal rights kooks came out of the woodwork but my parents and the rest of the homeowners testified on his behalf. The tenants were cited with harboring dangerous animals and had to pay a hefty fine.

This kind of crap is all too common where some redneck ******** get a few dangerous dogs just because they think it'll be cool to raise a mean assed dog. I hope each and every one of them gets a muzzle wrapped around their own throats.

Sorry to rant, but this hits close to home.
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Feb 2008
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Some dogs don't need and special training to be well behaved and not bite.

Some people don't know that there is no way you can tell before you buy it and they should all be properly trained and loved.

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Apr 2008
Cheektowaga, NY
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This kind of crap is all too common where some redneck ******** get a few dangerous dogs just because they think it'll be cool to raise a mean assed dog. I hope each and every one of them gets a muzzle wrapped around their own throats.

Sorry to rant, but this hits close to home.[/quote]

Funny, seems to me a great number of bad dogs occur in cities and suburban environments where 'redneck a$$holes' don't exist. Why assign a demographic, when truly the problem is a mentality which pervades all backgrounds of people.

Anyway, owners are to blame more often than not. Good on the cop, though. I realize this thread is turning (okay, it 180'd) but I personally don't buy the animals are equals routine. People get unprovokedly bitten, especially repeatedly, and the dog's gotta be taken care of whether it was poorly trained or just ill-tempered.

For the record, Wolfstar, I think what you do is incredible. People are stupid and don't realize what they're getting into. Kyle

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Dec 2011
Culpeper, VA
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Originally Posted by Goofynewfie View Post
all dogs bite. it's just an 80 pound dog bites harder than an 8 pound dog. that's why you hear so much about Rottweilers and pitbulls and nothing about chihuahuas or Jack Russells
Partially true but partially false.

Some dogs will not bite a human EVER. Some will bite their own owners!

I have a 70 lb pitbull that is almost 4 years old and he has never once nipped at a human...even a drunken stranger that showed up at one of our bon fire parties and tried to "wrestle" with my pitbull! He is the best dog I've ever seen.

The reason you hear about Pitbulls and Rottys in the news is because the news story about a "vicious pitbull attack" is much easier to blame the dog than if the headlight reads "Poodle mauls toddler". People are idiots and they love to blame a breed of dog for dog attacks even if the dog is a bull mastif, or a boxer or even a lab...if it bites someone the media will ALWAYS call it a "Pitbull". SMH.
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