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I wanted to see how this survey worked out up to this point, but couldn't without some sort of summary. So here it is. I think I got all the entries but apologize if I missed any. You can see by the number of entries which ones got the most "nominations". But the voting hasn't stopped.

Favorite Hops

Apollo - underrated but fantastic.
Apollo - don't get enough credit
Aurora (also known as Super Styrian) - would qualify as an underrated hop.
Bramling cross - is a great late hop addition/whirlpooling aroma/flavor hop
brewer's gold underrated
cascade - is really underrated
Cascade - underrated
Cascade - is a great workhorse hop and plays well with others.
centenial - good all around hop, can be used at any point in beer.
Centennial - underrated
Centennial - use the heck out of it.
Challenger - great herbal and citrusy character
Challenger is wicked good too.
Chinook - use the heck out of it.
Chinook - is just plain awesome as a single hop variety (great bittering, pine and citrus flavoring, everything)
Chinook - is probably my favorite hop before it goes into the wort
Chinook - for all its versatility gets forgotten about
Chinook - I've started to really appreciate it
Citra - is one of the best dry hop selections I have ever used.
Citra - is mind blowing
cluster underrated
Columbus - use the heck out of it.
Crystal - underrated
Crystal - is an underrated hop
CTZ - is terribly underrated
CTZ - super cheap and incredible orange / dankness when used late.
fuggles - UK. - Nice hop
Galaxy - I really like
Galena - is a very underrated bittering hop
East Kent Goldings - gets a bad rap, a superb hop.
uk goldings - Nice hop
Horizon - don't get enough credit
Horizon - My go-to bittering hop after Warrior.
Merkur - is another underrated hop.
Motueka - quickly become an absolute favorite.
Northern brewer - gets no love, a great blending hop.
Northern Brewer - if you like deep earthy
Nugget - underrated
Nugget - underrated. Palisades - underrated but fantastic.
Nugget - good all around hop, can be used at any point in beer.
Nugget - underrated
nugget underrated
Nugget - clean bittering and versitile
Nugget - is many of my favorite brews.
Pacific Jade - was a stand out for me from the NZ hops.
Palisade - one of my favorite aroma hops
Palisade - very under-rated versatile hop
Perle - to bitter with, especially in dark beers.
Rakau - is under-rated
Saaz - any of the Czech hops are underrated.
Sazz - underrated
Simcoe -. Dangerously drinkable beer brewed with only Simcoe
Simcoe - use the heck out of it.
Southern Cross - underrated but fantastic.
Sterling - very under-rated versatile hop
Styrian Goldings - Quickly climbing to the top of my favorites
Summit - is underrated also
Summit for underrated, unbelievable aroma
Warrior - in my American pale ales
warrior - I love for bittering.
Warrior - is my go-to for bittering in IPA's and APA's.
Williamette - is the closest thing to something noble out of the Pacific Northwest region
Willamette - if you like deep earthy
Willamette - for the smell out of the bag.
Zeus - is underrated

Disliked or Overrated Hops

Amarillo overrated
Amarillo - is also boring to me without something else added for more depth in flavor and aroma.
Amarillo - is so overrated.
Amarillo - is probably overrated.
Centennial - is overrated
Chinook - It just hits all the wrong buttons for my palette,
Citra overrated
Citra -comes across way too grapefruit to me
Citra - is ok but it isn't everything
citra - is a touch overrated.
Citra - the most overrated
Citra - is overrated
Citra overrated
CTZ - I just get a tongue coating resinous quality from it.
EKG - is pretty mediocre
Fuggles - hopped beers taste like dirt to me.
Fuggles overrated
Magnum - the most overrated
nelson - just takes away from everything else.
Nelson - has rendered it almost undrinkable
Northern brewer - is the worst thing you can do to a beerSaaz - just ruins good beer
Simcoe overrated
Simcoe - is horribly over-rated
Simcoe overrated
simcoe - overrated
Simcoe - might be a bit overrated
Simcoe - on its own, not so great.
Simcoe - "cat piss"

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Mar 2011
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Originally Posted by thadius856 View Post
I have one down that road that makes "Citra", obviously a Citra pale.

And "Simtra", a triple-Citra IPA.

Not a fan of either.
I was the jerk pouring beer for the brewer at cincy beerfest this week telling people quietly to "check out the jolly pumpkin booth" or any other booth for that matter. Strange though that most people thought it was boss except the few that were judging with me. I have used citra many times for late addtions and DH and it was great, but not as an exclusive hop.
Originally Posted by Common N00B View Post
I just got a Mr Beer kit and want to brew a Double Imperial Blueberry Heffy Witesit....we have no air conditioning and live next to the you think I can logger and bottle this in time for a party I will be having next week?

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For those that think Citra is not overrated, you're in luck.

Label Peelers just sent me an email that they're selling it for $15/lb right now. Also, Simcoe at $14/lb, Centennial at $12/lb and Hallertau at $9/lb (all in leaf). Have at it, ye swabbies!
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Coupon code or something?? Because I see their prices as ~$22/lb for either Citra or Simcoe... wtf??

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Dec 2012
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No. The demand was so high, they sold out in less than a day. Was only for full lbs of leaf hops. Here's the follow-up email, sent 5:29am PST.

Originally Posted by Label Peelers
Thank you all for participating in our clearance sale. You helped us clear out a good deal of overstock. We wanted to let you know that all of the pound size hops are now gone, and a couple of the Muntons beer kits. We still have some ounce sizes to move but not many. Don't hesitate if you want in on this deal, they will be gone soon. We also have a few each of the Limited Edition Wine Kits, but they will also be gone soon. Thanks for spreading the word and shopping with us. We love what we do, and love when we can give you great deals like these to show our appreciation. Thanks for you making us your homebrew and wine making supplier.


Label Peelers

P.S. Our kits-of-the-week will not be announced until later this week to give us time to catch our breath
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Before you build a keezer, look at this!
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Challenger-great and underused. Has just this tremendous fullness and thirst-slaking/dry mouth cutting power. I make a Challenger pale ale that is always a favorite after a hot day on the gold course or work. Not too complex but does its job. No it's not Beef Wellington in Bernaise sauce but it's the steak underneath all that stuff well seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Ahtanum? Has the ability to make a good product taste like weasel piss aged in a tin can for eleven days somewhere deep in the Everglades. In August. Maybe why it's not on the list-the word is already out on that crap!

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Another Challenger lover. I never make an hoppy English beer without it. And like you said it works in APAs as well.

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