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I bottled a Baltic porter 9 days ago. I decided to try one a little early just to see what was up. After I opened the bottle I went to my cabinet to get a glass and when I turned around it was slowly foaming over the top.

Does anyone have any reason as to why this may happen? I didn't use too much priming sugar, and I am pretty sure the sugar was evenly distributed in the bucket before bottling. I also confirmed the FG with a few different readings and had the brew in the fermenter for 22 days before bottling so it was definitely done fermenting. I am kind of at a loss as to how this may have happened.

For what it's worth, I opened the beer while it was at room temp and I never, at any point, tried cooling it down or refrigerating it. The OG was 1.073 and the FG was 1.018. I think the bottles were sanitized sufficiently as I had them in the over for over an hr at 190 degrees. Anyone with more experience have any input?

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Try putting a bottle in the fridge for a few days and try again.
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how was the carbonation level after you poured it? If it seemed low, then you didn't wait long enough after bottling.

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If you bottled it 9 days ago, and it's a baltic porter, which is a big beer, why are you even opening it? At 9idays in the bottle they're NOT over carbonated. You've opened them TOO SOON. The co2 is in the headpsace and NOT in solution. And it's coming out.

We get this all the time from impatient folks who open their bottles WAAAAAYYYYYYY early.

If you watch Poindexter's video on time lapsed carbonation, you will see that in many instances, before a beer is carbed it my gush, that's not from infection, or mixing of sugars, but because the co2 hasn't evened out- it hasn't been pulled fully into the beer. Think of it as there's a lot of co2 being generated and most of it is in the headspace, not in the beer, so there's still "over pressure" in the bottle, so it gushes when it is opened.

But when the beer is truly carbed it all evens out, across the bottles.

The 3 weeks at 70 degrees, that we recommend is the minimum time it takes for average gravity beers to carbonate and condition. Higher grav beers take longer.

Stouts and porters have taken me between 6 and 8 weeks to carb up..I have a 1.090 Belgian strong that took three months to carb up.

And just because a beer is carbed doesn't mean it still doesn't taste like a$$ and need more time for the off flavors to condition out. You have green beer.

Temp and gravity are the two factors that contribute to the time it takes to carb beer. But if a beer's not ready yet, or seems low carbed, and you added the right amount of sugar to it, then it's not stalled, it's just not time yet.

Everything you need to know about carbing and conditioning, can be found here Of Patience and Bottle Conditioning. With emphasis on the word, "patience."

I wouldn't be checking my first one till around 6 weeks in the bottle. Big beer needs big time. If you hadn't tried one a little never would have noticed this, and everything would have been fine.
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not even my thread but I learned a lot from Revvys response. thanks

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Agent - It wasn't flat but it was too carved either

Revvy - thanks for the response. I opened one just to be sure there was some type of carbonation happening. A beer I made recently didn't carb at all and I ended up waiting a long time just to realize they were flat. It def needs some more time in the bottle as far as flavor is concerned, but it's reassuring to know this may have happened due to its "greenness".

I was just concerned about this beer because my first beer turned out good but after a few weeks they all began foaming after opening for several minutes and I was concerned of it happening again.

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