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Feb 2013
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When I am not on 24hr call for work and dont have to go anywhere, in other words, drive. I will drink anywhere from 4 to 12 a night. Granted 12 is only once and a while, maybe once a month but it seems to be my limit for 12 oz beer about 4 to 5 %. I would say getting drunk all the time, however much beer that takes is a too much and will affect your life. I would say there is nothing wrong with drinking every day but I would say that drinking till drunkenness all the time will affect you and those around you. imo

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Mar 2011
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I'm all over the place. Anywhere between 0-???. Most nights it's 1-3, but every once in a while I just like to tie one on to where I can barely make it to the bedroom. That's pretty rare, but it does happen. When I go "On-call" for work I either don't drink at all or I'll have 1 or 2 right before bed.
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Dec 2012
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Too much is when it is harming you in some way. If your drinking persists despite consequences, you have a problem, either medical or addictive.

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Feb 2013
, Oklahoma
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So lemme get this straight... You come on a forum with a bunch of people that love beer so much that we make our own.. and ask if there's a problem with your beer drinking? lol..

As for your answer... who can say. Seems every other week, some report from "Scientists" comes out saying something we love is terrible for us, only to have other "Scientists" contradict that with their own studies. Seems to all come down to what we've always been told: Everything in moderation. We've all heard the stories of the 110 year old that's drank a pint and smoked every day of their life, while others get lung and liver cancer at half that age. How can anyone say "X" number of cigarettes or drink is too much for you when everyone is made up differently?

My suggestion is.. your life and your body will let you know. If it's causing problems in your life, you're probably drinking too much. If there's no problem, then why create one? If you donate blood, you can keep an eye on your ALT levels (Liver enzymes) and if they start creeping up, cut back or quit. The liver is one of the few of our organs that is great about repairing itself to many things. If beer (Alcohol) can possibly cause esophageal cancers, is your body more prone to that, or when it HELPS prevent kidney cancers or others.. how do you know which you were prone to?

Nobody knows what is going to get us.. but that eventually we all get got! lol. Enjoy life and quit worrying, making up problems that aren't there. I'd say it's not too much of a stretch to say that the stress worrying about all that is FAR worse for you than any beers you're drinking. Chill a good beer.. then go chill yourself!

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I wouldn't be surprised if the "worrying" over it is more harmful to your health than the "doing" it.
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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by trbig View Post
So lemme get this straight... You come on a forum with a bunch of people that love beer so much that we make our own.. and ask if there's a problem with your beer drinking? lol.. I read more posts this morning I had that same thought...let's ask of a home brew forum if drinking beer is bad.
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Sep 2011
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I am an RN myself.

When we get an admission on our floor we ask people the following questions

do you think you need to cut down on drinking?
has anyone ever told you that you need to cut down on your drinking?
do you hide your drinking from others?
do you change or has someone told you that you change when you drink?
has your drinking ever caused you to miss work or get hospitalized?

If any of these questions are "yes", the MD will evaluate for CAGE protocol, in laypersons terms, this is where RN's can give frequent doses of IV Ativan on a sliding scale based on a scoring tool that checks vital signs, agitation, etc.

Some people physiologically just cant handle booze. I have had plenty of liver failure patients in their late twenties. That is a death sentence, and many of them claim they only "Drink on weekends".

I am shocked at the number of people with 5-10 year old diagnosis of fatty liver who continue to drink. It's like being told you have lung cancer and you keep smoking. I know it is an addiction, and a sickness, but it just amazes me nonetheless.

Sorry for the downer.

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Feb 2013
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When you start buying Natty light instead of brewing your own because you can't afford enough good beer, thats alcoholism

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Jul 2012
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As far as alcoholism and all that, I'd say more than 3 beers a night, every night, is probably not a good habit. Sure there are functional alcoholics, but all it takes is a mid-life crisis, or the death of a loved one for 2-4 beers a night to spiral into full alcoholism. I've seen it happen. Drinking daily can be a slippery slope into alcoholism. I am especially concerned about how much I drink since both alcoholism and diabetes run in my family.

As far as health, I'd say that more than 2 beers a day, depending on your size is too much. If the ONLY other thing you drink during the day is water, then 3-4 beers is probably OK (but still too much), but beer is full of carbohydrates and empty, unnutritional calories, and could lead to weight gain or diabetes. If you are also drinking soda or juice during the day, I would drink only one beer a day and try to increase water intake.

Something else to consider is that most craft beers that we are drinking are at least 5% and could be as high as 8+ percent when a natty light is probably around 4%. So drinking 3 - 4 craft beers could be the same as a person drinking 5 - 8 natty lights every night.

All that said, it's definitely possible as some other people have mentioned, to drink and still have a healthy lifestyle. I joined a gym about 2 months ago (got a good black friday deal), and I've lost about 17 lbs. It was my new years resolution to get down to 165lbs. I'm 5' 11" and went from about 187 down to 170 lbs so only 5 lbs to go. All the while I've been drinking about 5 - 7 beers a week. Before I joined the gym, I had been drinking 1 beer a night on "work nights", and 2 - 3 beers on friday and saturday, so about 9 beers a week. It was easy to reduce my drinking when you realize that one beer equals 2 - 3 miles worth of jogging. I didn't want all my effort to go to waist.
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Hell, I do about 6 or 7 a night, every night........Never drunk, slight buzz maybe.....

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