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Beer Dude in the Sunset
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May 2007
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I boil on an electric stove and every week I get a burn ring that I have been scrubbing off with steel wool. Last night I poured a little water and maybe 2 oz. of vinager in my stainless steel brew pot and boiled it for a few minutes. The burn ring came right off and my pot looks brand new.

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Otis The Drunk
Jun 2007
Texas Panhandle
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I'll have to remember this tip.
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May 2007
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the vinegar is a great tip. However, regarding your previous method of steel wool... you shouldn't use that on stainless, you can scrub off the oxide layer and then it can rust - I've seen the aftereffects - a stainless stock pot with the bottom all rusted and nasty.

Scotch-brite pads (and similar) come in a "no-scratch" version (usually blue instead of green) that's made for things like stainless for that reason. I use one with the cleaning product "barkeeper's friend" (which costs about 3 cents a metric ton) on stainless and it's absolutely amazing. A very quick scrub and it looks totally new again. Not quite as low-effort as dumping in some vinegar and boiling, but it's usable in more situations.

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Vendor and Brewer
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Actually, steel wool used on stainless embeds small particals of plain steel into the stainless. That's what you actually see rusting. If you have to scrub, use a stainless scouring pad.
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Orange whip?
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Apr 2007
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Vinager is good for hard water stains too.

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Jun 2007
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oven cleaner will take off crud too. just be careful cuz its caustic (wear gloves, use some ventilation)
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Jan 2007
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Would there be an issue using vinegar to clean aluminum?
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Jul 2007
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Originally Posted by tbulger
Would there be an issue using vinegar to clean aluminum?
Not unless you leave it for a long time and it pits the aluminum.

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May 2007
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Thanks for the tip, I use an electric stove and have that nasty brown stain. Also my water is VERY hard and I was having trouble removing the white crud. I'll definitely give it a try when I get home.

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Sir Humpsalot
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Nov 2006
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I think the nasty stains lend character to my brewing equipment. Scrub it off? NEVER!!!!!
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