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Sep 2007
Hohenwald, TN
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Started my first cider 2 days ago and have not seen any fermentation yet. I got desperate last night and added some dry yeast that my wife had. I made sure that it activated by starting it in water before adding. The house stays in the low 70's so I don't think its the temp. Any ideas here? I will include the recipe below, and please don't laugh I am new to brewing.

96 oz 100% Apple juice (no preservatives)
1 frozen 100% Apple Concentrate
2.5 cups brown sugar
2 cups white sugar
1 muslin sack filled with cinnamon, cloves, and allspice
1/4 tsp of brewers yeast
1 day later added 1/4 tsp activated yeast

I noticed this morning that the temp in the kitchen where I keep the cider was at 68.7 F so I have moved it into my bedroom where the temp usually stays in the low to mid 70's. Could the spices be preventing it from starting? Any advice here or should I toss it.

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Jan 2006
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I've had some issues with delayed starts. Sometimes it helps to shake it up a bit, aerate it some. Just give it a little more time- it'll eventually take off.


Though, actually, for future reference and in future batches- don't throw all your sugars in at the beginning. Start the juice off through its primary fermentation, and when you siphon into your secondary, that is when you add your sugars (from what I've heard here on the message boards).

Otherwise, sometimes the yeasts can't handle that much sugar.
What's the specific gravity? If you're not sure, a hydrometer is a good thing to get for your kit.
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May 2007
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What kind of brewers yeast did you use and what was the date on it. Some do take off slow but give them a couple of days first. I would suggest to add the yeast to a cup of water about 84 degrees and let it sit for 15 minutes. then stir and wait another 15 minutes. You will absolutly know if the yeast is good and you have given it some time to rehydrate becuase it will be foamy. Baking yeast is not what you want to use! It can create some flavors you don't want. I agree with OdnOneEye! Stir it up! Try to get some air in it. I would also suggest disolving the sugars by shaking it with some of the juice. I usually pour about half the jug out, add the sugar to the jug and shaking until its all mixed. It gets the O2 in there and it needs it during the primary fermentation.

Let us know how it goes after stiring it a bit.
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I've only seen "Brewer's yeast" in the grocery/health food stores and if that's what you're referring to, it's not an ale/wine/cider yeast. Brewers yeast is a nutrional supplement with no live yeast in it. Unless you are actually using live yeast, you won't have fermentation. You have to get these yeast supplies from a homebrewing shop. And you would use a whole package, not 1/4 tsp or something like that.
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Sep 2007
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Did you dilute this mixture with any water?? Because if not, from reading your recipe, you added 4.5 cups of sugar and 1 can of concentrate to 3/4ths of a gallon of Apple juice. If you didn't dilute this with some water, I bet your sugar level is way to high for the yeast to activate.

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Aug 2007
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I have a thread going that is pretty much about the same problem. Giving it a little agitation and waiting a little longer than you think can be a good thing.

Thanks to everyone's advice, that little shake and wait theory gave me some fermentation.

Give it a try and see, I don't have the knowledge to say how the spices or the dilution will affect it, but time can tell.
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