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Old 09-21-2013, 06:10 PM   #251
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Jan 2011
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I used the Wyeast 2565 at 59* and it is at 3 weeks. I opened it up to check the gravity and noticed the krausen is at least an 1" thick, yeasty smelling and very thick almost doughy. Is this normal for this yeast? It has not disappeared like normally an ale yeast would after this amount of time. I had planned on racking it to a smaller bucket with less head space and place it in my frig for a month at 40*. So, can I still rack it or should I leave it at 59* for awhile longer? Gravity is right at 1.012 and it tastes really good.
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Jan 2013
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Brewed my first batch of this last night to break in the new system - 25g pot, chugger pump, plate chiller and all stainless QDs. Hit gravity numbers spot on (1.050 preboil and 1.062 post). Did wind up mashing a bit low as it was a bit chilly outside and I should have bumped my water up about another 10 deg. Also wound up with 5 gals into the fermenter instead of 5.5, so I will wind up with a little less into the keg, but I think I've got good data to finish calibrating beersmith and everything should be golden next time around. Looking forward to this one.

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Sep 2008
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Served this at a charity beer fest....first keg to kick!! Using the Kolsch yeast works great..not quite lager smooth but much smoother/cleaner than a typical ale yeast. This is going to be my "go to" Oktoberfest beer. Personally I prefer it over OktoberFAST.
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Jul 2013
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We kegged this yesterday and even uncarb'd it tastes great. We used Oktoberfest lager yeast though and fermented at 50 then layered for 5 weeks at 34. Should be drinking it in the next 2 weeks and can't wait.
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Dec 2009
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Following the original recipe and fermented in the low 60's, this beer won first place in the Light & Amber Hybrid in HAZARD Homebrewing's HAZtoberfest BJCP competition entered as a Dusseldorf Alt. It's score was 40.5 and would have been higher if entered as a Northern German Alt according to the judges.

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Dec 2011
Salt Lake City, UT
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I've been looking for an Oktoberfest for my first lager. The grist bill for this recipe looked great so I gave it a shot this past weekend. The grist and hops were scaled for 10 gallons without other changes.

Mash schedule:
* Sac reset @ 148 F for 20 min
* Pulled 16 qts, thick mash, for a single decoction. Rested decoction for 20 min @ 158 F before ramping to a boil for 20 min.
* Replaced decoction for Sac rest @ 156 F fo r 60 min
* No mash out
* Fly sparge with ~8 gal @ 170 F

I collected 13 gallons to boil with the original boil schedule.

Lots of firsts for me with this one.
* First Lager
* First decoction
* First use of my new DIY Sanke mash/lauter tun
* First use of my new DIY 3-tier brew stand
* First use of my new DIY mash paddle. (This was indispensable during the decoction BTW).

The wort looked fantastic going into the fermenter, a brilliant copper-gold color. I overshot my gravity numbers (1.074) but attribute that to increased effeciency in the mash tun and decoction. I pitched a 6 liter starter of Wyeast 2633 (Oktoberfest Lager blend) and plan on fermenting for 3 weeks @ 50 F, check for a diacytle rest, then lager at 34 F for as long as I can stand it. This will be tough. I have high expectations for this beer!

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Old 10-31-2013, 07:59 AM   #257
Oct 2012
, Hawaii
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Brewed this about 6 weeks ago. Fermented at 58 F for about 4 weeks with Wyeast Kolsch yeast, then cold crashed for 2 weeks at 36. Just forced carbed a few days ago. This turned out delicious! Malty but very well balanced and very smooth, very drinkable lager-like profile. A highly recommended recipe for this time of year! Thanks!
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Jul 2010
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Yup, used wyeast here too. Keg is disappearing quickly.

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Sep 2012
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Enjoying one of these right now. Malt forward, with a sweet and very light floral finish.
Thanks for the recipe!
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Old 11-17-2013, 09:27 PM   #260
Jan 2013
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I finally got to brew this up. My timing is a bit off, may have to call mine an "Januaryfest". I figure better late then never. I am hoping it will be good to go on tap for the Christmas holidays. Whenever it is ready I am looking forward to trying this recipe.

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