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Kegged! Thanks
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I would say you are cutting it close but it will still be excellent.

My batch was brewed on 8/8 and the sample going into the keg recently was very good. I'm just sitting on it until 10/23 for a party we are having, but I'm sure it will be very drinkable as soon as it's carbed.
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This was my very first all-grain batch, and the sample I just tasted after force carbing seems like it's one of the best I've made. Ran into the following minor problems:

1) Huge grain bill, and I wasn't fully prepared for the volume of grain+liquid that resulted during mashing, sparging, and boiling. There may have been some minor overflow... Just something to look out for if you're a noob like me.

2) No yeast activity after 48 hours... I think the yeast vial might have been frozen prior to pitching. I then pitched a singled packet of S-04 and it took off vigorously. (oxygenated w/ pure O2 and an aeration stone).

I'm extremely pleased with this, and it looks like it'll make a great complement to a well-aged keg of apfelwein for an upcoming party!

Edit: I just got a comment: "This is the best beer I've ever had." Thanks for the great recipe, Edwort!
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I just had my first carbonated taste of this. It was in the fermenter for a month and has been on gas for 5 days or so. It's malty with a heavy amount of fruit flavor. I used a Wyeast kolsch smack pack and fermented at 68 (internal temp). The yeast got pretty hot when it was shipped to me. I'm hoping that the heavy fruit flavors aren't from the yeast being stressed out during shipping.

I know this beer is still young. It hasn't been on gas long--the beer isn't even close to clearing up yet. Should I expect the flavor profile to clean up a bit over the next month? I can taste the promise in this beer, but it's kinda "in yo' face" at the moment.

Fingers crossed!
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Default This recipe ROCKED

It spent 3 weeks in the fermenter and 3 weeks at 38 degs in the keg. I carbed it the last 5 days. Took it to the homebrew club and got 2nd place. It is 7 weeks old now and just getting better.

I followed the recipe, except I used all Hallertau and mashed at 153 and used a pack of S-05.

OG was 1.058
FG was 1.013
ABV is 5.87%

Love it.
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Mine turned out great. Probably the best I've made. Unfortunately 5 gallons wasn't close to enough and it didn't last long. I'm going to have to make at least 10 gallons if not more next time.
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OK folks, I need some help on this one.

After 3.5 weeks in primary and then a few days in the fridge prior to kegging, the taste had what I think is an estery/fussil aftertaste (I'm not really sure how to describe the flavor). It was not a clean finish as I'd expected from a Kolsh yeast.

Is it messed up? Or, does the lagering for month or two clean this up?

It finished at about a 1.019 -- a skosh higher than what Ed reported.

Possible ways I F'd it up:
1) I didn't do a starter. I pitched 3 vials of WLP029 onto a 10 gallon batch.
2) I held the temps around 64 +/- a degree or two through active fermentation . At about the 3 wk mark, the temp went upto ~69˚F for several days (active fermentation had mostly finished). Darned late fall heat wave!
3) ???

I guess I should take some into a homebrew store and let someone taste it to see what the off flavor is. In the dozen batches I have under my belt, this is the first that has had any sort of issue. Maybe I'm just panicking...

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
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I got that taste when I pitched 1 vial into a 5 gal batch. Did you check the % viability? I have noticed on my system if I under pitch even at optimal temp I get kind of an estery yeasty taste.
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I'm in the middle of brewing this now. Grains are 70 minutes into their 90 soak.
Using WL029 and everything as originally recommended.

Did a large starter of the yeast..hope i don't get the esters people are talking about too much

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KEG 6:

On deck:
Vanilla Bourbon Porter (for this winter)
Ed Worts Oktoberfest with Kolsh yeast Yummmy
Yooper Stone Ruination IPA
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anyone scaled back on the grain bill alittle on this one? thinking dropping a pound off a lbs of the pils and vienna my efficincy is pretty good and im making this for a party and dont want it to be to strong will that mess with the balance of this beer
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