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Oct 2012
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I boil all my Grolsch bottles before bottling and the labels do not fall off.will have to look into the One Step
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Jan 2013
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I boil my bottles for just a few minutes with a tablespoon of lye. When I pull them out of the water there isn't a label and any remaining glue just wipes off! The lye is cheap and I boil them on the wood stove in the shop whenever I'm out there! Some people are afraid of the lye, but it's the main ingredient in soap and I've never had an issue. I Use it alot!
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Mar 2012
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I have been bringing a couple gallons of water to a boil or close to boiling and add some oxyclean free and dump that into a cooler with the bottles in them. Seal it up for like two hours. Labels even difficult ones just float off.

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Feb 2012
prince george, british columbia
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I use cold water and baking soda

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Dec 2012
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If I have go through that kinda nonsense to get a label off...never mind.
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Aug 2012
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I was really hoping to read about home-made flamethrowers when I clicked this thread.

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Jun 2012
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It's the scrubbing part I don't like. And this saves me money over one step, b brite, and oxyclean. When I use oxyclean or baking soda my bottles get a nasty film on them that takes several washes to get rid of. Could be something in the local water though.

The gloves are to protect your hands from stinking of ammonia. When I've used boiling water I spend more time scrubbing the adhesive and paper residue off the boil pot afterwards then I'm willing to spend.

I think this works for me because it fits my lifestyle. I take a case of used labelled bottles from the garage, dump them in the cooler with the mix, then a day or two later rinse them out in the sink. The labels stay floating in the cooler. Total working time is 10 minutes spread out over how ever many days I let them sit in the cooler. It takes longer than that to boil a pot of water (in winter at least).

As for the safety, read the back of your oxyclean (or laundry detergent for that matter) and it will tell you the same thing. Do we need those warnings? Well...someone out there obviously did or it wouldn't be there. I pass those on out of an irrational fear of litigation.

And I've always been taught that lye is basically a poison. That may be a generational thing though. Plus I can't remember the last time I saw a soap made with lye.

So maybe my post was a little to excited. But if you want a very low hassle, very low labor way to do this, it might be worth giving this a try. Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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Originally Posted by chopsbrewery View Post
When I use oxyclean or baking soda my bottles get a nasty film on them that takes several washes to get rid of. Could be something in the local water though.
If you have hard water, oxyclean will cause some light mineral deposits to form if you soak for very long. A quick rinse with anything mildly acidic will take it right off. Star-san for example works well.
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Aug 2012
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Frankly i think you all are all wet. you dont need water and you dont need soap and you dont need chemicals. what you need is a bench grinder with a wire brush, a steel wire brush doesnt hurt the bottle and and it saves on the mess. not to mention what happens in the garage my wife has no say in. I do however recomend a good pair of safety goggles and a pair of good leather gloves.

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Jan 2013
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(Plastic vessel of a reasonable size + warm water + oxyclean) + 48 hours = Bottles without labels.

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