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Sep 2012
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I know this question has bedeck brought up a million times; but I want to do away with carboys; after seeing all the post they scare me!!! And my question is if i do away with carboys do i do away with secondary's all together??? Or can a bucket do the same thing as an secondary Carboy? My question mainly has to do with lagers because my understanding is I have to transfer to secondary before putting in my keezer for 8 weeks!!! And with other beers do people just do away with secondary's and let beer sit in primary for weeks and then Straight to bottling???

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Why do you want to do away with carboys?

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I do all my lagering in kegs now, but if I was still bottling, I'd stick with the carboy. You don't want all the head space you get with buckets, and I say this as someone who mainly uses buckets for primary.

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Kegs are ideal lagering vessels.
They have built-in handles.
They are lighter than carboys.
They are unbreakable.
They are pressurizable.
They are light-tight.
They can be heat-sanitized.
They have built-in diptubes.
They double as serving vessels.
The opening is bigger than that of a carboy (for cleaning, dry-hopping, oaking, etc.).
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Also, if you're scared of carboys - use Better Bottles. And lager in kegs.
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Better bottles and Kegs are about it for me. I don't really use 6 gallon buckets anymore. I mainly use the buckets for sanitizing stuff.
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When you all refer to kegs are referring to sanke or ball mock kegs? Because with snakes you would have alot of headspace

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Jan 2012
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Lagers are probably an exception to the "secondary not necessary" rule. Since the purpose of the extended cold aging is to produce as clean a flavor as possible, slight effects from the trub that would be unnoticed in an ale may be unwelcome in a lager.

This doesn't necessarily mean a secondary if you're kegging. As has been well covered already, you can lager in the keg. My point isn't that you want to add a secondary / bright tank phase for its own sake, you just want to get the beer off its trub before the lagering period. If you're bottling, that'll mean an extra racking.

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