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I'm at just under $4/pint, but that's with cutting my pay a little bit. No way would I pay anyone that much for standing around a fire and drinking beer.

at 5% for equipment costs though, I can then figure after 20 brews, that to be paid off? That's a huge bonus, after this weekends brew, the brewery will be paid for!! Cut that idiots pay who's brewing this stuff up and I can easily get this under $2/pint!

Oh man, I just realized, I forgot to add the price/pint of the beer I drink while brewing, just went back into the red.

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At $30 an hour a batch would cost me $180-$240 just in labor! Definitely not worth it. I'm going to the bar from now on.

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Originally Posted by millsware View Post
At $30 an hour a batch would cost me $180-$240 just in labor! Definitely not worth it. I'm going to the bar from now on.
But the satisfaction of "doing things my way" is worth the price...

Hey... for a 5 gallon batch, $240 is only $5 a bottle... I've paid over $10 for a single bottle of Rochefort 10.

If your beer is good, it's worth it. (at least to me it is...)

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Unless you are taking time off work to brew...or brewing during time that would otherwise be spent earning money.....your "labor cost" has zero value!

In reality most of us brew during free time...any home brewer that is taking time off work to brew.....is clearly making a "value" decision based on different criteria than $ cost.

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Since the money is already invested in capital and since you aren't selling the beer, there is no way to get a return on the investment. I suppose one way to do that would be to use the price of an equivalent commercial beer that you would have bought as a hypothetical and subtract out raw material costs and energy to make your version (no labor because its a hobby) and use that difference as profit.

I do however think it is funnier to just add up equipment cost, RM, self wage, etc and divide out by batch to get some riddiculously high cost/pint.

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$1.30/pint without labor since I brew in my free time. Since most 6packs I buy are in the $10 range I'm saving $0.30ish with each beer I drink and $2.70 per pint over bar prices.

At this rate I could probably quit my job and drink homebrew 24/7 for a profit . . . right?
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I'd you include labor cost as an expense then you also should include the cost of the use of your house and whatever entertainment-related fixtures (like a tv or grill) that you might use while consuming your beer. I mean, that's what a real brewpub owner has to supply. Then rebate yourself the retail value of the beer you drink. next thing you know you will have paid off your house in beer. (Ha ha ha)

I've always calculated my per-12oz cost at about $1.25, using 3 year depreciation on my equipment. But I've been brewing for about 3 years now and outside of one 3 gal better bottle with a scratch in it everything will last way longer than that.

I did 10 gallons in 5.5 hours yesterday, so if you assume $30/hr then my per 12oz cost all told would be $3.35. But I'm a stay at home dad, so I don't think that's really my labor cost. Especially since I was brewing instead of doing my taxes.

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If you are home brewing to save money, you're deluding yourself. It is about passion, love of doing it yourself, and crafting something. ROI is to buy commercial stuff on sale.

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Originally Posted by Sween View Post
Just for fun I applied the model I use for my business to a bottle of my brew...

Cost of ingredients +
Cost of bottles/caps +
5% (EDITED) of the cost of equipment used to make the batch +
My average labor wage over the total time invested +
The cost of gas/mileage if I used the LHBS

Then divide by # of bottles in the yield...

$6.65/bottle for my last IPA.

(Even though every drop is priceless)
Never bought a bottle in my life...I recycle.
Don't care what the equipment costs...it's a hobby.
My labor is cheap...free.
I stop by my LHBS on way home from work...$0.

My final cost per pint...IDK...who cares...it's good chit, man.
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If you are worried about efficiency of your "investment", you might as well be drinking Boones Farm.

A silly exercise if you ask me. My equipment costs are under $500 with kegging equipment. Average 5 gal batch costs me about $18 - $25 as I buy in bulk. And I go through a tank of propane about every 6 brews.

The costs you guys are coming up with seem pretty outrageous. For starters, you are "paying" yourself more than most professional brewers make.

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