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Jan 2013
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Originally Posted by Beer-lord View Post
Is it me or does it seem that nobody is overly impressed with these hops? I'm almost no longer interested in trying these but have some so I will but sparingly. I know our tastes are subjective but I was hoping the opinions were more on the 'WOW' side.
Time will tell.
we have been spoiled with some of the recent hop varieties for sure that have "popped" with wow factor... however, it just takes time to find the right way to use hops and the right mixes. i mean hell, centennial almost was never commercially grown; and simcoe took quite some time to take off.... amazing to think of now, but who is to say these could fall into the same bucket. they may not be the next citra or mosaic but they are good hops in their own right.

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Oct 2010
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I single hopped a Saison (Wyeast 3711) with 1210. So far it is very nice. A mild citrus/grassy note from 1210 but it needs to condition a bit more.

I haven't used my 6300 or 5256 yet.

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5256 are available, we just packed them up yesterday. Very Dank!

I think the 6300 would be good in a Saison, it is very similar to Sorach Ace.
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I made an IPA with EXP6300 and Conan yeast this past weekend. We will see how it comes out.
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Originally Posted by Steelers77 View Post
5256 are available, we just packed them up yesterday. Very Dank!

I think the 6300 would be good in a Saison, it is very similar to Sorach Ace.
looking to bulk up for summer IPAs and pales.
Any pounds of cascade, 7Cs, cenntennial soon?

also just while im asking...any mosaic or citra coming in??
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Originally Posted by america View Post
Just dry hopped the batch brewed with the 1210 (FWH, 30min, 15min ,& 5min to get about 38 IBU) with 1.77oz 1210, .6oz Simcoe, and 1.5 oz Cascade. Smells pretty great just one night after the dry hop. Can't wait to keg this up and try it out!
Kicked the keg of this beer by the14th day in the keg. It hardly had time to clear up but everyone seemed to love it! If you like light citrusy pale ales/ipas, or cascade hops at all this is the beer for you. I'll probably be picking up more of the 1210 hops very soon. They are cheap and wonderful for aroma and flavor but im sure you could bitter with them if you wanted to as well.

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Mar 2012
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Anymore updates on thes experimental hops?
Senor Hops

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Oct 2012
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Originally Posted by droder1 View Post
Ok, my single hop beers are carbonated and we tasted them last night.

Grist: 95% pale 2-row, 3% c-40, 2% carafoam. 2 gallon batch size - split into 4 boils, for four 1/2 gallon batches (fourth batch was calypso single hop). each boil separately hopped; hop schedule: ending IBUs: 70, only difference in hopping was 60 minute hop to arrive at 70 IBU. equal hopping done for all hops at 30, 15, 0 and dry hop. 0 minute and dry hop equivalent to 2 ounces at a 5 gallon batch size.

Tasting notes:

1210: Mild aroma, light citrus, light lemon. Can see how it is compared to Cascade in the official descriptors. Good flavor, favorite of 3/4 tasters
6300: Very unusual, quite sweet. Almost thought something was off with the batch initially, but after a few sips it settled down. can see how jolly rancher is in the official descriptor. Still not sure on this one, least favorite of all.
5256: My personal favorite, not overwhelming aroma, but more aroma than 1210. Light citrus, but a heavier flavor than 1210 (in a good way). Can see comparison to simcoe, although milder.

None of them "blew" me away, I think Mosaic and Calypso (most recent experimental to commercial varieties) bring more to the table, at least in a unique sense. However, I am going to use 5256 and 1210 again and see how they blend. 6300, dont know about that one....
I'm glad you mentioned about the 6300 because I'm currently drinking a single hop pale I made with it and thought the same thing. I thought something was wrong with the batch but I get a weird nutty sweet thing going on. I agree not my favorite

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Nov 2012
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Please let me know if you get more of these experimental hops in or new ones from this years harvest as I'd love to test out some new hop varieties!


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Jul 2013
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5256 has the same exact set of descriptors and stats as "Pinefruit" on the Yakima Valley site. It is listed as experimental under 2013 pellets.

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