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Originally Posted by EZCyclone View Post
Why the D-47? Does it not finish out as far as 1118? Cause that's what I used (in the kit) and I would agree with the bulldozer analagy. I went from 1.094 to 0.990. I would have liked it to finish off much sweeter.
EC1118 has a tolerance of 18%, while D47 is 14% and CdB is 12-14%. And then you look at the characteristics of the yeast. Good chart here: http://winemakermag.com/guide/yeast

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Welp, here's what I did on mine.

Ok, I have to chime in here. I made two batches of wine from Vino Italiano. One Riesling and one Moscato. I screwed up! We made both at the very same time and forgot to label them! lol. That's what happens when you have a long brew day! here's the funny thin, both taste very very similar. It's hard to tell them apart. Well we tasted them three ways from Sunday and finally picked one to be the Moscato and went to it. I racked into a bottling bucket and added in steps an entire bottle of Global vinters conditioner. The instructions on it was Add after stibilization and minimum 2oz per gallon. So I added a bit at a time thinking I would stop when I hit the level of sweetness I wanted. Well I never got there even after the whole bottle. So that's 16.0oz in 6 gallons which is 2.8 oz per gallon. (after doing the math I guess I'm not so far off as I thought)

To me though and compared the commercial wine it's still very dry. The ABV is like 12-13% which is WAY higher then my benchmark Moscato I wanted to mimic which is 5.5%ABV. (Cupcake vineyards Moscato D'Asti DOCG) I also added a bottle of brewers best Apricot flavoring (4 oz says to add 6-7 oz per 5 gallons) cause I wanted just a hint of apricot in this wine. I can taste none really. Could this be because of the abv and sweetness level (or lack of sweetness level)

Cupcake moscato tasting. Now I have to say I'm NO expert, maybe the farthest from it but I will convey what I taste the best I can.

Ok at first taste what it really tastes like is a soft Welches white grape juice! This is not a put down I love this stuff. It's very sweet, I would say the only (dryness) is an undertone. Really, this is about all I get, the more I sip it's just reinforced that it's like plane simple white grape juice. This wine was made for the swmbo and her friends that like these wines. So I would like to get as close to this cupcake stuff as I can.

Well I seriously went to the store and bought one can of Welches white grape and one of Welches white grape peach. My Carboy was filled to the brim so what I did was pulled off three bottles of "special Reserve" lol and labeled them. This will be a fun experiment to see how this ages out. Then I dumped in the juices and three cups of simple syrup I made. The LHBS was closed of course. (He is not open on Mondays, or when it snows, or well, if it rains, or if he farts I think). So I was not able to get more apricot, but maybe they peach will pan out.

It's STILL not very sweet, much more than it was but NOWHERE anything like the cupcake. My hope is that it will sweeten out over time as the hotness cools off some.

Other wise if you are going to give these out to be drank fast, I would add say 3-5 of the white grape peach and then sweeten to taste from there.(4-10 cups of syrup) If you want something like the cupcake Vinyard Moscato.
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