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Default I had no idea?? Alabama & Mississippi Beer Ban

So, any brewers from these 2 states ?

The Bible Belt brouhaha over beer
By Tommy Andres, CNN

Montgomery, Alabama (CNN) - Despite the fact that it has been federally legal since 1979, there are still two U.S. states that don't allow residents to make beer in their own homes: Alabama and Mississippi.

The issue is expected to be one of the first to surface in Alabama's state legislature as lawmakers there head back to session this week, and a colorful standoff is likely.

Homebrew laws have failed to materialize for the past five years, with religion and morality arguments narrowly beating out the estimated 5,000 underground homebrewers in the state who say their civil liberties are on the line.

Kraig Torres owns a craft beer store in Birmingham, called Hop City. He learned first-hand that the law against homebrewing is still enforced. Homebrew supplies he planned to sell were confiscated by state authorities the day before he opened in September:

[:45] "I think anyone agrees this is not so much a beer issue as a civil liberties issue. Things you can do commercially for money in the state of Alabama, why can't you do in your kitchen legally? It'd be like saying you can only buy cherry pies at a bakery instead of making them in your kitchen."

Leading the charge against the bill is the Alabama Citizens Action Program, or ALCAP. Its leader, Joe Godfrey, has been lobbying against any law that relaxes alcohol laws in the state:

[4:14] "I've met with some of the homebrewers and they tell me, 'Oh, we're fine upstanding citizens. We go to church, we're active in our community, we don't overindulge, we don't get drunk.' Well, they might not, but I've never met an alcoholic that started out saying, 'I'm going to become an alcoholic.' They start out socially drinking. They start out homebrewing and tasting."

Homebrew laws have previously passed in the Alabama state Senate and House of Representatives respectively the past two years. But not in both. Hobbyists hope this will finally be their year. But it won't be easy, because one thing is for certain: this issue is much bigger than beer.


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If you ARE from those two states...DO NOT post up! No need to advertise that you are breaking the law (no matter how stupid) on a public forum. We should just set the default for everyone to New Zealand.

Dang zealots ruining all our fun!

Jill Mc
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Making Home Brew is against the law, Guess Ill NEVER move to ether of those states.

+1 to Bedlam's post, don't post if you live in ether state.

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Thats just insane, I live near Denver Colorado and could hit 3 LHBS with a golf ball from my patio. I could even go to a despensary and buy an ounce of mary jane if I smoked it. I had no idea it was like that down there.
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This is one reason to join the AHA! The AHA has been working hard to make homebrewing legal in every state. (Just "won" in Utah a year or two ago).

Even in places where it is legal, it can still be quite restricted- like only being allowed to make 50 gallons a year, and/or only being allowed to consume it in your own home (and not even take it to your own campsite or cottage or to a friend's).

Check your local laws, be cause they do vary wildly!
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From what I understand, there isn't a task force hunting down homebrewers and shutting down their operations. Its still legal to buy grain, yeast, hops, buckets and fermenters. There are LHBSs. Its an old law that those 'traditional' state's won't amend.

Join the AHA, write to your representative.
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I would say it's all about tax revenue, but this is Mississippi and Alabama we are talking about
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I dont understand how anyone or anyplace can legislate against yeast or a plant. Even if you dont have barley, one can ferment grapes or honey. Anything that has sugar in it can be fermented. So if you have grapes or honey on your home in these states, there would be a risk of arrest? How do they enforce that? It seems like a silly law that is unenforceable. Oh well, Glad I dont live there and also glad i will never visit those states. I feel bad for anyone that has to live there actually.
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Interesting that even Utah allows homebrew and these two don't.
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Joe Godfrey is a stupid ninny.

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