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Default Who's injured themselves brewing

Okay I just made a bone headed mistake, and I was rewarded for it. I'm brewing a FranzisKanner Inspired Hefe right now, and wasn't paying attention.....I pulled the lid of my HLT which was boiling, and was Immediately rewarded with a painful steam Burn all over my left forearm. Could've been alot worse, but hurts none the less. Finishing up my brew day with a big zip lock of ice , on one arm.

Whose else has sacrificed themselves to the brewing gods, what did you do, and how bad was it.

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I dropped my nice shiny new thermometer in a boiling pot of water while checking its accuracy. With out thinking I grabbed it with my bare hand and hauled it out.

My hand healed faster than the thermometer did since it never worked again

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Does slamming the car door on your own finger while going to Lowes for Keezer materials. If so then I'm in. Last Monday..
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Bottle bomb took out a nice chunk of my right forearm. The scar has healed better than I thought it would, but it was pretty grisly for a while.
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I have a variety of light chemical burns from a couple of the cleaning and sanitizing agents we use, burned myself numerous times, bang my calf and knee regularly (you'd think I'd learn not to) cut myself now and again on various things.

All part of the game really, but I draw the line at almost getting boiling wort splashed on my back when the 3bbl system decided to do it's thing.
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Prolly the "best" one happened when making a starter in a flask.

I was boiling the starter wort, wanted to swirl the newly added DME around, and picked the flask up around the neck with my left hand(with a oven mitt) and then I decided it would be much more stable if I put my right hand(no oven mitt) underneath the flask. Quite the ominous searing sound ensued, and now I have a few fingers that I could use to commit crimes which would leave no fingerprints for them to catch me with.
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Kind of ashamed to admit this - but on HBT, I'm amongst friends...okay, amongst anonymous online acquaintances with whom I share a hobby...but I strained a ligament in my right hand putting caps on PET bottles of a Cali Common back in November.

I have a family history of arthritis, and was seriously worried that I might be seeing early onset symptoms...so I went to my GP.

A few manipulations, a few questions, and ten minutes later, I'd given the doc, in her words, "The best laugh of of the week." I was informed that though beer often contributes to injuries she treats, usually, her patients have to drink it first.
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I burned my right calf pretty good when walking my full keggle from the garage to the driveway after the boil to hook up my wort chiller. Turned out I needed to boil for about another 30 min to get the right OG. Ended up burning the inside of my left knee doing the same thing. Pretty smooth huh?
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Forgot to close a ball valve. Started to run strike water into the mashtun. Scalded the crap out of my sandal clad foot.

Grinder slipped and took a chunk out of my thumb while I was cutting the top out of a keg being converted to a boil kettle.

Sliced a hunk out of my finger on the lip/edge of my new plate chiller the first time I used it.
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Hell i think i burn myself every brew day. haha

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