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Jeepsn beer
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Sour as in tart. It's pretty good, just has a little tartness at the finish. beautifully clear.
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I THINK what you want to do to avoid that is kill the yeast (with campden tablets) before they eat more of the sugar than you want. For my fruit wines I've just let it ferment out all the way and either drink it like that (I love the sourness) or backsweeten it with artificial sweetener that the yeast can't eat (SWMBO doesn't like the sourness). Either way its DAMN strong
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Originally Posted by sTango
i made my own wine from our concord grapes. heres what I did, it made a beautiful blush the first time i did it:

1. pick grapes and removed from stems
2. layer grapes with some sugar in a fermenter bucket
3. add enough water to just cover grapes
4. let stand and ferment for 3-4 months
5. siphon out fermented juice and rack in a carboy for another 2-3 months.
6. bottle.

that is it.

its really easy. i just depended on the natural grape yeast and went (almost) old school (except for the sugar)
Wait wait wait! Don't you need to crush the grapes? Wake them scream for mercy, or at least insult them?
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Dunwich Brewing Co.
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Sorry for the late reply but no, i did not crush them. The recipe I had found said not to and also my local HBS guy told me it was cool not to.

He was most definately suprised at how long I had left it fermenting on the grapes and was worried about too many tanins in the finished product.

I find it delicious, the only thing I would change is use a hydrometer. But I wanted to go old school with this one so accept for the sugar and the carboy I kindof did.
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